GEEEZE! Is there a keyword tool that ACTUALLY gives acurate results?!?

by Jakehyten 17 replies
I have had this problem since the beginning of my IM business. Its almost impossible to get accurate readings for search volume right? Or is it just me.

Right now I am using keyword research pro.

Ill get keyword ABC on keyword research pro and it says the search volume for google is 50 then i go to seo book which i really like and it says its only 20! Then ill go to another program and its also TOTALLY different!


I will pay ANY amount of money for a research tool that is accurate or i can rely on. I dont want to waste time writing articles for a keyword that isnt getting the volume i thought it was in the first place.

Can someone please give me some advice here or tell me what to do? Thanks. Is keyword pro accurate? I though seo book would be really accurate?
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    I've been playing with 6.5 Million Top Paying AdSense Keywords - 600,000 New AdSense ideas they have a new version of they software (still in beta I think) and it's really amazing, so far for me the best keyword tool, off course until we develop our own tool LOL

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  • Why not use Google's own data? It's free.
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    Originally Posted by cosmokid View Post

    Hey there,

    Have you tried Google's free external keyword tool? Used to be it didn't give you exact numbers of searches - it just gave you a picture of overall volume. Now it gives you nice numbers.

    Thats pretty good i guess
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      Another good way to see how accurate keyword results are or are not is to check websites on the first page of Google that actually show how many times the page has been viewed.

      As an example, if you are researching keywords in the dog training niche look for the keyword you are thinking about targeting.

      If the keyword is "how to potty train your dog" see if you can find an article or something similar and see when it was posted and how many times it has been viewed. That should give you a good idea of what kind of traffic the keyword brings in.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say that while I *love* the new google tool with exact numbers, it's far from ideal for really digging in on research. There are some terms that just plain seem to break it, and I find it difficult to generate really LARGE lists, especially if I need to dig deeper than the initial search. No suggestion on something better though.
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      Originally Posted by hummusx View Post

      Just wanted to chime in and say that while I *love* the new google tool with exact numbers, it's far from ideal for really digging in on research. There are some terms that just plain seem to break it, and I find it difficult to generate really LARGE lists, especially if I need to dig deeper than the initial search. No suggestion on something better though.
      Google's tool is the best you can get as far as I know. But you will not get results on very small traffic keywords. Best way to get that data is rank for it and check your stats.
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        I use the free keyword tool from seobook. It seems to give me accurate results.

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    yes i would go with google own keyword tool since they give numbers.

    Here is the formula
    From many sources the new data is google owns 65% of the search traffic.

    So 65% of 100% leave 35%
    35% of googles 65% numbers is around 50% of googles search volume.

    So with a small curve for error around 1.5 to 1.6 times googles search data should be accurate.

    So if google terms is
    then 10000 time 1.5 to 1.6
    so around 15000 to 16000 searchs...

    That is the most accurate data to my knowledge...

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    I agree as well about using google. I have gotten just bizarre counts sometimes from Wordtracker, trellian and others, so I was very happy when google started posting actual number counts for kw searches.
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      Yes, Google's Keyword tool is the best in my opinion since it has been updated.

      It is pretty spot on!

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        It's interesting (to me, anyway) that in every search I've ran through g the Google Keyword tool and then through Wordtracker (and yes, I know one is monthly and the other daily) that Google has always shown more searches than Wordtracker.

        I'd imagine Google's is the one to go with, but I still find it odd.
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    Hi all, I guess there is a significant problem with all the keyword tools..

    When the keyword is highly competitive, imagine how many marketers cause searches themselves!

    Hard to say what´s really "true" searches from interested buyers I guess.

    Don´t know if there´s a percentage to calculate with ??
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    The one thing I'd suggest is bumping down Google's tool to "exact match" searches. The tool was built primarily for PPC, and it is said that the search partners that don't use broad/phrase/exact all default into "broad" and tend to skew the numbers, a bit.
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  • Hi you really don't need a tool or software, truth is you need to know how to spot the most common keywords, pharses, ( HERE's a sneaky trick I use, I will only give you 1 of my keyword tricks ) - I also post the top 100 leaders in the industry that you are keywording into -- those peoples names are also keywords, such as who the top 100 race car drivers in the world are. Most people never think about the top 100 names. So remember you can find keywords about race cars, keywords about the top 100 drivers names, keywords about the top 100 race car companies and write them into the whole of your can just make it easy on yourself and post a list of who you think is the top 100 drivers or whatever other area you're writing about. Most people never think to use the names of the top 100 drivers in the world so to speak, instead they concentrate only on the kewyords for race cars, it also works for who's the top 100 singers,top 100 money makers, top 100 anything.
    Watch it pull you up through the rankings very fast.

    Getting ranked on google to me is just a game of beating competition by out thinking them
    The top 100 names is very powerful ranking tool when used along with your solidly packaged articles and web pages using top keywords.
    And the only tool I use to figure keywords on is Google
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    props to CashBlasters... that's some great advice about expanding your keyword list. Talk about variations! Certainly less competitive as well...
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