could someone please explain what PR1/PR2/PRs etc actually is...

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Hi all,

I keep hearing of PR1 sites. And PR2/PR3 etc.

And how it's best to try and get links from some and not others.

Could some kind soul give me an idiots explanation to what the difference is in these sites.

Thank you very much,

Jenn x
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    PR is Google Page Rank; Google assigns it to pages, rather than entire sites. Here's a Wikipedia article which may help - PageRank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Opinions vary on what PR means in terms of traffic etc. My guess is that it means little. Some of my PR1 sites get more traffic than the PR4s.

    Don't worry about PR too much. Your site's pages will be assigned PR over time. There's usually an update every three months.

    Rather than PR, worry about a page's conversion, if you want to worry at all. :-)
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