"New Posts" Difficulties - Any Thoughts?

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So, with the change to the new forum software, it seems the "New Posts" function doesn't work the same any more. It used to show new posts, organized by sub-forum (Main Discussion, SEO/PPC, Copywriting, WSO, Off-Topic etc. etc.). That really helped me browse the new posts for the day, as they were "organized."

Now, when I hit the "New Posts" button, I just get a list of all new posts in order of posting time, with all the different subforums mixed together. It makes it a lot harder for me to browse - I would think differently in looking at post titles for each subforum. For example, if I see a post "Making $3000 A Week - My Blueprint" in the Main Forum, I would certainly look at it differently than if it was a WSO! There are also sub-forums that I skipped entirely. It seems now I cannot do that, and keeping up with the forum becomes harder and harder for me.

Is there any chance that original functionality will return to the WF? If not, does anybody have any thoughts on managing "new posts"? I find it takes a LOT longer to browse both titles AND forum before picking a thread to look at more closely.

Is it a sign of old age that I don't respond that well to changes???

Best Regards, Georgetta
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