I can't apply in Clickbank, Philippines is not included in the country list, why?

by rapidscc 15 replies
I really want to apply as an affiliate in clickbank. I've been trying to apply for a long time.

The problem is in the affiliate sign-up form. Philippines is not included in the country list.



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    Why don't you open a bank account in another country and do it that way? Or, you could set it up through a money market account or credit card.

    Sig on vacation...

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    Originally Posted by rapidscc View Post

    One unfortunate word: fraud. Clickbank has experienced lots of fraud coming
    from there, and have decided it's not worth doing business with people from
    that location.

    PayPal also blocked the Philippines for a few years before finally re-opening to


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    Guy,I think there is solution for that,if you know anybody in States that you trust and also trust you you can use his or her address better still you can buy virtual address through company reside in U.S.A or Uk ,the one I can recommend and they are very good is graphcard.com from this company they will sell virtual address to you and you can use that address to open a clickbank account ,anytime you have a cheque from clickbank it will send to that your virtual address and they will help you process it to your country and cash your money in your own country,bear in mind that there is a little comission for that service.You can go to that site for more information.

    Never give up untill you make impossibility possible.

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    pal i think the best way for you to join as an affiliate in clickbank is to buy virtual address to sign up with them, you 'll be accepted this way.
    best of luck...

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    Yes, Philippines cannot sign-up at Clickbank. I, too, am confused as to why. There are legit affiliates there who dabbled on the online biz for long and making it their main source of living.
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    Why do you care about Clickbank?

    The hardest part of making money is nothing to do with the product. Getting a product is the simple bit. If you already have a great website and are getting tons of targeted traffic that you need a product to monetise - create your own product or have someone create it for you.

    Clickbank is not going to make any difference to your business if you're not already making money. It's just one place to go for things, not the only place.

    nothing to see here.

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    last time I check, my country was not in the list either.. it's because of there are numerous fraud from those countries.. that darn fraud

    you know what I did?
    sign up for PayDotCom!

    Plus, if you want to, there are TONS of other good (and has less competitor) merchant other than clickbank out there! Especially for specific niche.
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    The trith is that clickbank will make a difference. Use the method suggested by yinkamuyi@yahoo.com. Many Nigerians have registered both in paypal and clickbank.

    Learn everything you should about affiliate marketing at

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      hey guys it is 2009 now, i am glad that clickbank has included philippines. i hope they won't remove philippines in their list.
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    It's now in Manila, bro.

    Clickbank Philippines
    Clickbank is now in the Philippines

    Ian del Carmen
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    Looks like your problem is solved. Clickbank now includes Philippines in the list. Great timing! I hope other affiliate marketing networks open up too.
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    I signed up this afternoon with no problem here in Manilla.
    It was the case that the Philppines was not listed but that changed I think in March.
    Try again.
    Good luck
    PS I am at the next problem stage. What do I do with clickbank exactly to make money???
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      Why not join on some sites that Philippines is listed. Just like setting up your own website and start make traffic on it and in a while if you can purchase your own domain then you can start earning because you can put adwords and adsense in your sites to get income.
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    Yeah, clickbank allows Philippines Signup! Signed-up April and a
    ctually made four sales already!

    Expecting more!!!
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    Hi rapidssc. I'm also from the PH. I tried signing up in clickbank but whenever I press submit, it just returns me to the sign up page (sort of like it just refreshed the page). All required fields are filled in properly. Any idea why?
    edit: oh and i've checked if there is a confirmation mail but there are none.
    thanks in advance

    edit: nevermind I tried to sign up again 2 hours later and it's working now. sorry for the disturbance lol
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