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    Weight Loss is a highly competitive market! In you place I would have
    started with something less competitive, but that's not necessay.

    Are you getting traffic to your lens from the articles?

    I get the feeling your lens is a bit loaded with information. You might
    consider using a blog to structure the content on many pages and put
    more focus on the affiliate links.

    I hope my advice helps. Keep trying man, you'll definitely make that sale!
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    Hi Kory,

    Nice job on the lens and good work on taking positive step!

    My adivce would be to figure out where along the chain are you losing people. As zuberr said, are you getting click thrus from your articles, and if so are you getting click thrus on your affiliate links?

    Its important to figure out where you are losing people, if you are getting 300 visitors per day to your lens and no clicks on your affiliate links you may need to make them more prominent.

    I like to follow the 'hey idiots buy this' philosophy of putting the affiliate offer right in your users faces. Make it the first thing they see and see if that helps.

    NIce job and good luck

    Puppets are people too

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    You'll have three weeks with no sales, then you'll have one week with three sales. If you want them to happen every week, just multiply more channels of income streams and you'll soon start seeing those payment coming through your Paypal.

    Don't sweat, it's only been three weeks. After sending a few hundreds visitors, try tweaking headline and send another few hundreds you might find consistent pattern all converting say at 3% or something.

    I see you're reviewing products, that's good. But try detaching all your emotions from your "review" lens so it won't look like an "I really recommend these products" lens.

    I think you have a very very very very nice lens. If I was you, I'd remove all the !!s, capitalized letters, words like "incredible", "amazing", "we're going to show you..." or anything that trigger your emotions from a review site.

    My tip: You're doing "reviews", and try not to "recommend" products on your review sites. Let the visitor decide if it's for him/her - people love to buy but hate to be sold, and hate even more to be sold on review sites.

    People talk about "pre-selling" but demonstrating your expertise pre-sells better than salemanship. People will get pitched as soon as they click through your Clickbank product links and you wouldn't want to double pitch them on your lens before them going to read another pitch.
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    Hi Kory,

    Keep in mind, there are hundreds of other ways to market, network and creatively search out those niche consumers...

    You're working on a few good ones but the marketing options and possibilities are endless! Just expand on the marketing tactics by reviewing the many traffic related threads throughout the warrior forum...

    A couple good examples...
    Focus on marketing ideas and places where you can network and communicate with your target markets and people of like minded interests...
    Diet Forums and Message Boards
    35+ Social Media Sites for the Health Conscious

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