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I have an online video tutoring website.

My site has been up for a year now and for the small amount of traffic I have been getting, I am getting phenomenal conversion rates..


I'm not getting the traffic!!!

I have incorporated the following:
  • over 200 keyword articles on my site
  • only a handful of ezine articles
  • many press releases
  • television and radio appearances (which show a temporary spike in traffic)
  • youtube videos
  • participated in yahoo answers
I am tinkering with the idea of placing my site on clickbank or paydot in order to get affiliates.

Have I missed anything?? Please help!

Much appreciated.
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    I would try Clickbank.

    Have you done PPC campaigns?
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    If conversions are so good, you could try Adwords. Ping me if you need any help.
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    I've tried ppc, adwords, and facebook marketing. They seemed to cost quite a bit and I didn't get a great return.

    Perhaps I didn't target my market properly??
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      In my experience, doing adwords is best with the help of someone experienced, at least until you get the hang of it. From my failed campaigns I can tell you what my mistakes where, perhaps one or more of them have been the reason hindering you. PM me if you want to hear the story, I wouldn´t want to hijack your thread or take it off-topic.

      Writer for hire

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    Here's an idea:

    Create a free report related to your product with links to it or offer one free video tutorial, set up a squeeze page and promote it in free giveaways and do email adswaps.
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