Any freelance writter making six figures yearly

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Hey everybody right now i am a bit confused and since i don't have enough money to invest i am looking for a online business which is lucrative and does not require much capital. So freelance writting is something i am considering to do. i want to know are any warriors here earning nice income from freelancing. I just want to know about its potential also i would like to know is it possible to have your own staff after sometime and make freelance writing an automated business like any other.
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    If you can write sales copy that converts, you can make six figures a year. But it's like any other professional service. You need to work your butt off to get good enough so people will pay you big money for your skill.

    P.S. You've spelled 'writer' wrong twice in your post, so you may have an uphill battle.
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    It's nothing to retire off of, but I've built a few nice relationships that I see lasting awhile. It's a great supplement to a day job.

    I got into freelancing to help fix a bad situation. Now I'm climbing out of it, and I've also devised a method far more lucrative than freelance article writing that I'm working on as well. I'll eventually stop taking new clients, but continue to write for long-term clients so long as they need work written.

    Besides $20 to post a Warrior for Hire ad, you won't need any other start-up costs. You have to be a damn good writer though - and be willing to work with your clients. I let all my clients know that if they need anything changed, I'll change it for them: what works for one person won't necessarily look good to another.

    Have you considered any other business model?

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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