Have you setup your Warrior Photo Album yet?

by John Rowe 2 replies
I love taking pictures, and Flickr.com is one of my favorite sites. Now you can bring your photos to the Warrior board too. In your profile, you can set up albums and add up to 60 photos.

I just setup an album with some shots I took using a point and shoot FujiFilm F31. If you're interested you can check-out the photos I just uploaded, so you can see what you can do, by going to my profile and clicking the Album Photo... or you can just click this picture below to get there.


PS - Too bad vbulletin doesn't offer a feautre that Flickr does. Flickr shows you which pictures get the most views, so you can tell which of your photos interest people most. I'm always shocked at the ones that gain the most interest. The one above, for example, gets more views than any other photo in my Flickr account. That surprised me.

PPS - I'm loving this new board more and more!
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