how do i really increase traffic to my website? need help!

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currently the traffic to our site is approximately:

- 1500 daily visitors
- 25000 page views
- 60, 000 daily hits

and the marketing we do is:

1) Go article submission daily (site disallowed from ezine)
2) socially bookmark the article
3) write daily blog post
4) ping the blog url on to all the networks on
5) also use pingomatic for blog url
6) have a squidoo lens that has rank 0f 4793 & 188 in music & tweak this
7) forum posts in Wf & DP
8) socially bookmark deeper pages of the site about once a week.
9)we have only created social networking accounts like facebook, myspace, friendster as dont really know how to market on them to be honest.

we have had this strategy in place for 3 weeks now as we recently purchased the site & it is fairly new too. the traffic has remained constant & only slightly increasing. Is it too early to see a big difference in traffic, do we have to wait months before traffic really starts coming through? or is strategy flawed? what more can we do to really increase traffic? there is a site called which has 300,000 page views almost daily how can we achieve this too?
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