Actually buying the product I promote

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I have a review site which reviews several different mind alterating programs.
But I havent actually tested the products myself.

I´m thinking of buying one and writing more content based on my experiences with the product, is this a good idea to, is this something you do too?

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    I created a couple of review type sites and blogs but I purchased the product and used it so that I can give a better review. What I find has been useful is if I include something from within the product that may not have been on the sales page of the product I am promoting.

    You come off as being more credible if you can provide a little more info than the next affiliate marketer that created content from a sales page

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      Hi Karl,

      I think people make money promoting products both ways. Some are able to write enticing reviews without owning or using the product while others feel more comfortable owning and using the product before writing a review.

      You can also ask the product owner for a review copy of the product.

      All The Best,

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      In my opinion it is sure a good idea to review a product
      you had direct experience with.
      This way you just don't base your review on the features
      and benefits presented on the sale letter but you can
      use your own experience.

      With products I bought I can add in the review page
      a proof I bought the program, like a screenshot of the
      download page and of the member's area, and of course
      you too can do it and in my opinion become more reliable
      in the eyes of the readers of your review.

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    Yeah, you can even make a video and show your readers 'behind the scenes' of the product. Something along the lines of
    "At first I thought it's a bunch of hype and didn't want to buy, now that I' ve done so I've found out it's actually true- here are the results ....
    I've tested it for you, so you can be sure to receive the top-noch product"

    Something like that

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      Benefits to getting the product...

      1) You can provide pros and cons of the product. Point out all the good things, but look for something that is missing and comment on that.

      2) Create your own bonus product that provides the missing element in the original product.

      3) If you read reviews other people have done on the product you're promoting, you are likely to see a lot of duplicate information - because they only read the sales page and sales literature. Make your review unique and you can bypass your competitors.

      People can tell when you are not honest. They can spot a sales letter easily, whether you turned it into a review or whether it's on their site. Remember that they will be looking at other sites before deciding to buy. You want them to see something new when they land on yours. So get the product, create a bonus related to the missing element, and you're more likely to get the sale.

      Ask the affiliate manager for a review copy. Most will oblige because it benefits them in the end.

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        Thx for the suggestions, I got my review copies

        But how can I include a bonus if I am only an affiliate?

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          As stated above you can usually ask for a review copy.

          Once you have a review site that has some ranking and traffic you will find authors contacting you and offering you review copies.
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