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Dear fellow warriors can anyone tell me how to navigate my way in posting comment on my squidoo lens. tried the dashboard can't still find how to post. thank for your timely response as always.
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    Hi I have a couple of Squidoo lenses and I am just checking. Do you have the 'Guest book' module in your lens? Look at mine here: Making a Living On-Line
    and you'll see what it looks like.

    Once you insert the guest book you can write your own 'blurb' or comment an so can others.
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    First, check you are signed in.
    Then select your lens and click on "edit". This will bring you to your comments if you added this page in set Up. Give us a Link so we can comment also.
    Business in a Box

    Hope this Helps

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      If you are trying to post to a lens, there must be module (Duels, guestbook) that allows for feedback. If its a post, you don't have to be logged in just browse for the lens title.

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        i stii do not understand theredcell
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    If your lens has the guestbook module installed, you simply visit your lens, locate it and type in your comment as if you were a visitor (if you are logged in, however, it will show that it was you who left the comment).

    You will need to add this guestbook to your lens before it will be visible though, so if it isn't, log into your admin, go into the module section and add it, save the changes and it should appear.
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