refunding de-aggravation idea?

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There was a thread recently about bothersome and/or non-compliant refund requests that was seemingly killed.

However, it got me thinking.

I'm thinking of trying some pricing models that are basically "If you decide to buy, give me your billing info now, and you have XX days to try my product.

If you like it, keep it, and at the end of the trial period, we will charge you $X. If at any time during the XX day trial, you decide my product is not right for you, simply cancel via this link, and you won't be billed.

Note: if you cancel in the trial period, please let me know why so I can make my product better. Thanks!"

And I'm imagining that you would just set it up as a limited term/ subscription (only one payment) with a trial period of XX days. You could do this in PayPal, I believe.

I'm thinking that this will allow the inevitable serial refunders to self-serve, while still taking care of actual legit refunds as well as happy customers.

Plus, it would largely automate the refund process, I'd think.

Anyone attempt this before?
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