Great Site But No Revenue - Any Ideas?

by petereff 8 replies
My site at Your Career Change Experts Information,Tips and Strategies For Easy Job Change has been built over the last couple of years, mainly the last few months but is not producing enough income so I'm looking for good ideas.

The site is doing well - 1500 visitors per day, Google PR5 and Alexa 220,000 but I guess my monetization needs some work.

Main revenue from Adsense with some e-books of my own and affiliate sales. But it is less than $1000 per month.

I read of some IM'ers getting more than that with fewer visitors so what else should I be doing. I'll back link to best suggestions.

Thanks for reading, hope you can help!
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    Do you have popups ? I'd get rid of them
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    I'd be embedding an affiliate link in each of your articles somewhere. plus your site structure is a mess, links all over the place, no real direction for the customer. way way way too many article links on that front page.

    adsense does not give you a good dollar vs visitor ratio. find affiliate networks with related products, pay per lead etc.
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    Seems like a great niche. Not surprised you're getting good traffic. Some ideas: 1 eliminate pop up 2 landing page is way too long. 3 topics aren't well organized and easy to find 4 ads are somewhat buried--maybe try moving to right column above fold
    This should be a good producer for you. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys, really appreciate the comments. I'll get to work!
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      The ads seem ok, but where are those e-books you sell?
      I looked for 2 min and couldn't find them. No surprise you don't sell many.

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    Hi Pete,

    I agree with some of the others, the site does look a little cluttered. Do your visitors hang around and check stuff out?

    I'd be willing to bet that you could boost that $1000 substantially if you put some kind of recommendation for an affiliate product in there in an obvious place where everyone will see it. All you need is a positive sentence or two recommending it and then a big clickable button.

    Also, if you can't find a product you'd like to affiliate with, check out commission junction or something like that to find a service that will pay you per lead. This can be STUPID profitable...

    Hope that helps, keep us updated of how things pan out.

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  • Not too long ago I assisted a site owner with a site that is geared toward a similar market (adults changing jobs/careers) and they're doing quite well with revenue generated by commission on tuition from schools with distance learning programs.

    That seems to be a possibly lucrative opportunity.
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