How to Get in Touch With Marc Lindsey and Steve Turner?

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The AMA guys.

Do you know a direct way to get in touch with them?

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you

(I know they have a helpdesk)
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    Try Google.........then Whois.....

    Help for new marketers

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      Trying to track down common names in a search engine will take a heck of a long time, even if you combine the names.

      Try a search here, to see if they are Warriors.

      Try searching under the business names that they use, if you know what those business or trading names are.

      If their help desk does not function, (which I assume, you but don't state), then use the help desk url that you have, or parts of it, in your search using the search engines. Try a - 'view' (from your browser tool bar) - then click 'source' - when viewing that help desk and see if any part of the code reveals anything useful.

      Another method, if you have purchased something from those that you are trying to contact, would be to check your payment processor and locate their registered email.

      Just some suggestions.

      Good luck with your search.

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    gotta lova this place
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      Hi Ildarius, did you get a hold of Marc and Daniel? I'm trying to reach them as well. Can somebody PM me their contact information?

      Thank you
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