Which domain should I use?

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I am going to make a website with seduction/dating articles for men. Similar to this website

World of Warcraft Strategy Guide

with pretty much the same exact layout.

I am not sure which domain should I use? Please vote on the poll which you think is best. Thank You!

Thank you for the people who have voted so far.
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    These are some of the domains suitable for your project:-


    (All of them are available for registration when I post this reply)

    Hope this helps,
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    I voted the first one because 2 words is more catchy then 3 to me
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    Ye I agree, number 1 has a more "shock" factor, much more catchy
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      Have to disagree - GetHerInterested.com is the solution to the problem in 3 words. Makes me want to click!
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    HotDatingAdvice.com This is the best in my opinion..... good luck with your work.
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      I voted for the 2nd because "explosiveseduction" just sounds too overtly sexual for a dating site, in my opinion. That's from a woman's perspective, though. Since men are your target audience the first may be a better choice in this case.
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        From a woman's point of view, GetHerInterested would work much better. I don't think I'd want anyone after me with Explosive Seduction Secrets! And you can't seduce us until you get us interested!

        I know your target is men, but you have to know what women want too! :p
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          [QUOTE=FlipDiva;1455403] I don't think I'd want anyone after me with Explosive Seduction Secrets!

          Good point!
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    Explosive Seduction makes me think of the end of the movie Fight Club. How romantic to watch the world crumble. Maybe not the best association.

    I like something that includes Dating rather than Seduction. Your student might have Seduction in mind but he has to call it Dating to succeed with her, doesn't he?

    For the second word I'd pick something powerful and successful, like Power or Success.

    I don't think a third word helps, but if so I'd like to know it's certain and easy, rather than that it's a bunch of stuff I gotta learn. Mastery: the result benefit which feels like a winner's confidence. Rather than Guide, Tips, Strategies, which sounds like a trip to the library. No offense meant to the library but it's not the best association for powerful hot dates.

    Or use Romance instead of Dating.

    DatingMastery, HotDatingSuccess, PowerfulDating, RomanceSuccess, etc.
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      i would go with getherinterested.com. It has more of a "click on me" call to action
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