Whinning :-(

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I've been realizing lately that the foundation of internet marketing is not SEO, is not keywords, it's not running after traffic.

It's not trying to master ninja techniques to get your page a nice PR. In fact there are a gazillion ways to easily do that. I've spent so many hours researching SEO that I managed to compile a ton of software and sites that can get you a link.

But I realized, that is just half of the task. Fooling around with search engines is the easiest part of IM. It is not the core.

I realized that the core of IM is actually writing good copy. Something that will touch the heart of the reader and will compell them to act. To move!

I've spent so much time with SEO techniques that now that I realized about this fact I feel a bit depressed. I realized that I've been travelling north when I should be going south.

Now I'm here depressed. Wondering if I could still make up the time I've spent. Scared of the repercusion of the choices I've made. You see I'm running on a short thread (financially speaking).

I know it's not warrior like to voice out frustrations, it is better kept unto oneself but then I just want to share this. I've really burned the midnight lamp learning IM, everyday I work more than 18 hours to the point of not sleeping just to learn IM.

Now, I'm on a dead end and a big dog is going to get my a## real soon.

I learned, that I cannot discount, but as I learn I'm realizing that there's still so much more. Now that I know SEO, now that I know HTML, now that I know how to write articles I realize that the road ahead is still quite long. We won't earn just by learning this things. We must become experts in them.

To earn in article marketing we must still learn how to invoke emotional response by using words. Without this we won't be able to sell jack shi#

I've spent a whole month, now with the warrior forum I've spent 3 additional weeks. I can't discount the fact the I learned but man! the prize is too great!

Just whinning

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    Hey you should be pleased with yourself. You have learned things that many will NEVER figure out.

    Once you get your "words" right, you already have a great foundation laid that many forget about in the beginning. They end up having to back-track and get those links and strengthen up their foundations!

    Personally, I SUCK at SEO so I salute you for taking on that challenge and mastering it.

    If "words" are your weakness, I bet you can find a good up and coming writer who would love to swap out some work with you. Use what you have learned to leverage with someone who has different talents. This way it only costs you time rather than cash since you said your budget was getting tight.

    Stand on your head and turn that frown upside down LOL.. Seems you are headed for success...

    Jamie Bing

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    Whatever you do just now, please realise that you DO NOT have to become an expert in everything - in fact, if you tried to be an expert in all things your business is bound to fail.

    You've learned stuff in the past few months. You've probably learned stuff that has real value to others. Do as Jamie said and do some bartering. Shout about it even just on this forum and you'll get some decent copy from someone in exchange for your skills.

    Build up from there and start afresh with a mindset of not being an expert yourself, but surround yourself with experts instead.

    And anyway, you said it yourself, you're whining - STOP IT ! and get on with working - it can work if you apply yourself in the right areas in the right way.


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