Help please! w/ BayRSS plugin. Possible to exclude keywords out of eBay's search results?

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I just purched the BayRSS plugin to use w/ eBay & Wordpress. I managed to set it up in literally five minutes and really made my task simple. It appears to be working great, However..

I can't figure out how to exclude certain keywords out of my search results.

The readme lays it out very simply:
" For eBay
[nms:keyword,shownumitem,minbid,minprice,customid] "

so as an example, if I type in
[nms:apple -apple pie,shownumitem,minbid,minprice,customid]

the results still show apple pie.

What I want to do is exclude certain keywords out of the search. So when I search for apple, apple results come up, minus the apple pie.

Is it possible to do this with the BayRSS plugin?

I'd really appreciate it if someone who's more knowledgeable with BayRSS could give me some insight. Thanks a lot.
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