do you care what the system is? or just that it WORKS?

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hey everybody,

I want to ask you a quick question:

Do you care what the system you use to make money is... or just how much it makes you/how much time you need to invest.

And here's why i ask it:

I have something pretty cool thats making me and a friend of mine some great money through youtube... but it's far from the most "clean" method of making money. It's pretty underground in fact.

But it works... extremely well.

So I'm unsure whether to share it with others or not. I love helping others to make money and sharing my findings, but not 100% sure on this one.

No matter who you are, I really appreciate every reply to this thread :-)

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    Depends on if I'm hurting anyone indirectly by doing it, also depends on how extreme the reprucussions are if I get caught.

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    At the end of the day, the person you go to bed with every night is you.

    Personally, I think about my future, and is this system something I would proudly put my name and reputation on.

    How do you want to be viewed?

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Selling crack works providing you don't get could easily do six figures in a year

    I wouldn't even consider doing anything that's greyhat, let alone anything that's hat of the black variety.

    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    It's difficult to make an ethical assessment without details. I think if you're questioning whether you should release it, that suggests that you think this method could hurt your reputation.

    In answer to your general question, I care a lot about the method. I care about how I treat my clients plus I care about whether I actually enjoy the work. Both of those are more important to me than how much money I make.
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    I've just got in to Youtube too George. It's pretty amazing at the opportunities that Youtube has. I've researched in to a lot of methods, some more legit than others. But it does depend on the repercussions. With regards to how you are viewed, I think with Youtube you can easily use pen names etc.

    But at the end of the day it really depends on the person. There are some things I would never do, everyone has their limits/ standards. So to a point I do care about how I make money, I would never cross a certain line.

    Hope that helps.

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      If the system is unethical in any way, I will not use it...period.

      If it is ethical, doesn't hurt anybody AND actually works, then I will use it.

      Money isn't everything.

      I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror when I go to sleep at night.
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        Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

        If the system is unethical in any way, I will not use it...period.

        If it is ethical, doesn't hurt anybody AND actually works, then I will use it.

        Money isn't everything.

        I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror when I go to sleep at night.
        You have a mirror above your bed? :p

        I've always been of the way of the thinking that honesty is the best policy(sometimes to my detriment) so I won't touch anything dishonest, illegal or unethical. However, if something is providing value, is above board, doesn't give people a false impression and makes getting results quicker/easier I'm all for it
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          Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

          I need to be able to look at myself in the mirror when I go to sleep at night.
          You look at yourself while sleeping?

          I think we just solved some questions. :p

          "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    would agree with curtisn... anything grey/black hat.... usually makes you great money but the idea of constantly watching over your shoulder incase you get shut down.... is just not worth investing time and energy into...

    i rather put efforts into a clean white hat method which has lots of longevity.
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  • Does underground refer to black hhat or gray hat?
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    If the system is something that can last longterm or will not get you in trouble then I see no reason why you would not use it. I have seen several systems sold here that promised money, but I would feel like a creep using them.
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      You are th creator of Google Sniper.. it works.. You sold it.. I don't see anything different here.. Underground or no undergorund if it works sell it.


      Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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    I suppose, everyone have a "ethical" level

    Spamming is a system as well. I suppose it's working, else we won't be seeing these so often.


    >>> Johnny <<<

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    Of course you care.

    Otherwise there would be a lot more contract killers, prostitutes, car thieves and politicians in the world.

    All of those are great systems for making a lot of money in a short period of time.

    Money isn't everything.
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  • I should probably clear up that it's nothing unethical.. you're not really hurting anybody. Most people would probably laugh actually. It kind of involves exploiting the number of people who search for porn related terms on youtube (a friggin boatload). It's nothing unethical but it's nothing "incredible" either. The whole guide, while I'm super confident EVERYONE would make money with it, could be like 10 pages long.

    But no it's not hurting anything, and it doesn't even got against any terms of service. It's totally white (hat).
    Clickbank #1 Bestseller
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    I kind of have an idea of what your talking about already lol but I would say in that case I would keep it underground and not make a product around it. To me I think some would take offence and not want to go down that path and you end up damaging your reputation. I think its a bit to risky. However If you sold it separately talking to people and hinting what that the product was curiosity might serve me and I or someone else might want to pick up a copy.

    I think a full out right site and promotion about it though could damage your rep though. Just my 2 cents for the middle of the night
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    I have to echo Steven's ideas. Even though I don't look at myself in the mirror when I go to sleep!
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      Originally Posted by bobsalong View Post

      I have to echo Steven's ideas. Even though I don't look at myself in the mirror when I go to sleep!
      Same here.
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    If it's white hat, as long as you're upfront about what the method involves, I don't see a problem with sharing the information.

    People have different ideas about what is offensive. For example, I never promote, engage in or even publish about MLM. On the other hand, as long as everyone is above legal age, the activities are legal and the adults are consenting, I really don't care what people watch on the Internet.

    My curiosity is aroused, George. I would probably buy it for that reason, alone.
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    You don't say what you have and you should.
    As a 53 year young old fashioned conservative thinker formed somewhat by my depression era Grandfather I ask "Is it legal ,moral and ethical?"
    As some above have said it's about your reputation which can go bad very fast with so many watching.
    On the other side you can google Mother Teressa and most likely see some negative info.
    Seems like someone is offended no matter what we do.

    I'm in the niche market of people who are looking for a simple way to MAKE$ from Home and learn Marketing.

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    I suggest keeping it to yourself.

    If you release the info, YouTube will become over-saturated with others doing the same thing as you... and your profits will go down.

    Not to mention the chance that YouTube will catch on eventually and perhaps ban the entire practice. Remember YouTube IS part of G now. The more people do what you are doing, the faster they will catch on.

    I'm curious to know what it is, for sure... but I want you to REALLY think it over before letting your cat out of the bag.

    If you do sell it, sell it for a lot. You have to make it worth the drop in your overall long-term profit. Why would you intentionally put your bottom line at risk?

    Just being extremely honest here.

    I'm currently taking MASSIVE action...

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      I'd just make it clear that "it's not for everyone" and that you have to get your hands a little "dirty"....

      If it makes people money, they will like it plain and simple.

      Look how many people are out there ewhoring...tricking people to fill out offers etc..

      If the worst your product does is exposes them to potential keywords that are or can be used by people searching for porn on youtube...It sounds clean enough for me
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        I care very much about the type of system I use.

        For me it's not all about the money. In fact, it's not mainly about the money.

        It's about being honest, ethical and helpful.

        And any system I use has to be that and more.
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          Let me guess.

          • Choose an adult related keyword by using the You Tube keyword tool.
          • Spam You Tube with a 20 second long video with some pictures of hot girls.
          • Post a link at the side of the video directing traffic to a free trial cam girl site and hope to get a conversion by some horny bloke.
          If this is what you're doing then trust me people have been doing this
          for years. It's one of the most overused and saturated systems on
          the net.

          You Tube already know about this sneaky little black hat system and they don't like it.

          It's against their TOS and if you do it you will get your You Tube account
          banned. Plus I believe they can also ban your Ip so you can not create
          another account.

          As well as this to make any consistent money with this system you
          would need to post videos everyday to make up for the ones that
          get deleted. IMO it's a dirty little system and anyone who tries to
          build a business by doing this is building their business on sand.

          If this is the system you're using and plan on selling (I'm pretty sure it is)
          then be prepared to get a lot of refund requests.

          I also agree with Steven I like to be able to look at myself in the mirror
          without feeling ashamed of myself. Although not while I'm in bed.
          And spamming You Tube with adult vids wouldn't really fill me with pride.

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    Would you feel safe walking into a roomful of 100 people who had fallen for your marketing tactic? In other words, would any of those people be considered victims or suckers rather than customers? If not, and you'd be willing to meet them face to face, then no worries.

    Many individuals and organizations have "do no harm" as the sum or part of their credo. This is because it's a good rule to live by. You mentioned what you do is "not really" hurting anyone, which makes it sound like it's not hurting them much, or that the hurt it causes is more psycological than actual, or that it's not hurting very many people compared to the number of people who have been tricked/sold/ has me curious as to what you "really" meant when you worded it that way.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Doing ethical business always trumps shady methods. You never have to face getting banned or screwing folks over for a dollar. It's the right thing to do.
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      If it makes me money and it's something that doesn't keep me up at nights...bring it on! :-)

      "Whether you think you can or'll always be 100% right!" |

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    I totally care what my system/business is. I am in the business of helping other Internet Marketers find their success online. I would not sell a pill, potion or even a e-book. When people ask me what I do at a party or business mixer, I proudly tell them that I am full time Internet Marketer and I teach and train others on Internet Marketing. I actually wear Google or Twitter marketing on my white name badge at some of the offline networking events I attend. People are craving this type of knowledge.

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