Is There A Wordpress "bottombar" widget?

by coreytucker 14 replies
Hi guys,

I want to put a Bottombar on my wordpress blog. I want to do this because I think it would increase my clickbank hoplink CTR. I cannot find anything like this anywhere! I plan to delete my sidebar widget and simply use a bottombar widget if its possible.

I thought perhaps someone here might know how I could put my pages at the bottom of my site. Thanks
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    If there is one, I would like to know about it.
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    ive looked many places and cannot find one. I even tried adding the links to my footer file but they show on the top of the page for some reason.

    Im building a content site and really think having the links to the other pages of my site at the bottom of m site will help my hoplink CTR greatly.
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    I'll help you out with that if you'd like. No charge. PM me if you're interested.

    I'm tired of my signature... Deleted.

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    pm sent Bishop, thanks for the offer
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    take a hold of the footer.php file and modify it to add a bottom bar to place your links on it.
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    askloz, I tried adding links to the footer and the links appear at the top of my blog. I also want to mention im looking to make these links appear on all of my pages of my site. So when I add the links to the bottom of my page I want them to appear on all of the pages of my site.
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      Are you wanting to add a bottom bar at the bottom of eachspecific post?

      Or are you wanting a bottom bar to appear at the bottom of each page?

      Frank Bruno
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        Look into the Mandigo Theme, it offers top and bottom bars and is very customizable.

        I wish I could help more, but just getting started with it myself. Probably other themes that do this as well.


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    Also Does anyone know if having the links on every page of your site has more SEO benefits then just having a sitemap link on every page of your site?
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    im wanting a bottom bar at the bottom of each page. Ideally if theres no benefit for each pages rank in Google doing this I would be just as happy having only a sitemap at the bottom of each page.

    I dont want to lose any "linkjuice" from my sites internal structure but at the same time I want as few pages as possible for the readers to see on my site.
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    Thanks Steve I will give it a try. To be honest though I was trying to keep the default theme since its so simple and clean. I was just going to replace the header image with a custom one and you have a clean simple site.

    I will give that theme a try though as im uploading it now. There has to be a way to add a bottom bar to the default wordpress theme though...
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    Steve, I might can actually use this theme I only see right and left sidebars though, where is the potion for the bottom bar? Thanks
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      wow this is so frustrating. I have been trying to "come up" with a solution for nearly a week now.

      The basic problem im trying to figure out is creating a site that is structered well thats SEO friendly also. The problem is I have a page that targets a keyword each, and many of these keywords are pretty similar to each other.

      Such as "how to plant a tree" "learn how to plant a tree quickly" or "discover how to plant trees fast" etc

      So basically I do not want my readers seeing such similar pages of content as they contain the same basic information (although 100% uniquely written.)

      But at the same time I cannot seem to find a straight answer in whether having all 50 internal page links on the sidebar (which shows on every page of my site) helps make each page rank better in the search engines for each term they are targeting.

      I want to "hide" or "bury" these pages into categories but worry that not having each internal page link on each page of my site will lower each pages rank in Google.

      So if anyone here has experience with medium size sites and how to format them in a way that still keeps the internal "linkjuice" flowing I would be very very thankful for the help.

      Thanks and sorry to ask so many questions in one thread.
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    From what I have read and read it seems that I need to keep the internal linking going, but having 50 pages to the readers is too much considering the page titles are long.
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