Isn't Most Internet Marketing Info Just Rehashed?

by southbaybones 4 replies

And just explained in a different way.

Now, I'm not a guru (and don't ever wanna be) but from what I've seen and read, here are my observations:

1. Find a business model and stop skipping from one program to the next (Too many models to list here)

2. Create a website and/or blog promoting a product or service,


- Build your list and send promotions to those on the list.

3. Drive traffic to your site and watch the money roll in

I ask because what you see in the WSO Forum is that most marketers have come up with the holy grail of Internet Marketing.


- Watch me make $1,000 dollars in 24 hours
- Follow My Step By Step Plan And You Will Make Money
etc. etc. etc.

The way I see it, these individuals found a business model to follow, stuck with it and followed through until they were successful.

It's really not new information. It's about following through.

Take care,

South Bay Bones
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    They say, you don't have to reinvent the wheel and its true. Look at Traffic Secrets by John Reese.
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    Yes and no . . . The game certainly does change as new processes and "updates" are rolled out from the search engines, as well as new properties to take advantage of (Web 2.0, anyone?).

    Putting all of the new "advances" aside, I think a large part of it is that certain "gurus" target different levels of experience. You've got some guys that target beginners, and others that target people looking for more advanced topics and techniques.

    Lately I've been theorizing that instead of trying to sell *you* the same re-hashed content again, they're trying to sell it to "the next class" of IMers that have joined their ranks since the last product launch, and it's a lot easier to sell a "new" course than it is to sell someone "old information." Not sure if that even makes a ton of sense (outside of my own brain lol), but something I've been wondering about lately.
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    Well, if that "observation" (posted here at least every few weeks by someone) is true, then it makes the blog in your sig file redundantly usesless now, doesn't it?
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    What I post on my blog is for my own use and to keep track of what I've done and what I'm doing.
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