Congress To Make eBay A Rat

by J. Barry Mandel 3 replies
"Taken together, three bills in Congress would require online marketplaces and auction sites to secretly police affiliates suspected of selling stolen goods. In addition to requiring extensive record keeping on sellers using the site and turning over that information to authorities upon request, the legislation prohibits resale sites—like eBay or craigslist—from informing suspected sellers they are being investigated."

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Congress To Make eBay A Rat | WebProNews
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      Certainly Ebay UK has cracked down on sellers selling stolen goods and/or fake stuff. There's been a number of high profile cases where ebay came under fire. Since then I've seen a number of ebay scammers in court. I posted about a guy in my home town that made £25k ($46k) by scamming people on ebay.
      In my view Ebay needs to bring some credibility back without huring honest sellers.

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        I think it's a great idea and its something they should've started doing years ago.

        Frank Bruno
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    Typical nonsense from Congress.

    It's already illegal to sell stolen goods. We don't need more laws that just handcuff small businesses.

    It's sad if some people here can't understand this.
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