Offer a guaranteed $50 CPM?

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OK, I have a marketing problem right now

2 weeks ago, I started a service ( allowing experts to quickly create a widget that they can put on their website. The widget allows the expert to accept payment for interacting with clients using click-to-call, webcam, chat and ecommerce tools.

I have had very little success getting people to try this. So, my thought is that I will pay people to try -- maybe $50 for signing up and putting the service in front of 1000 uniques (measured by google analytics).

Anyway, where should I post the offer to attract the most participants? I want people who fit the following criteria:

- they are over 18 and based in the US
- they have ready access to an audience of 1000 online uniques
- they are tech savvy enough to own and be able to use a webcam

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    Great site!!!

    Warrior forum is a good place to start. People like to try new things, especially if they can make a little extra cashola.

    I don't use those services but I am sure that people on this site do.

    You may want to read the Forum Rules...I am not sure what they state about something like this...I personally don't have a problem with it but some may.
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      This is nice of you to reply -- I kind of thought I was out here throwing pennies in the well over the last week.

      Would you be willing to do this over on I'd do the $50 with you, $25 now if you agree and have the stuff you'll need, $25 after the 1000 uniques have visited your expert page. If you can't make additional money over and above the $50, that will be an important red flag to me. Let me know --
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    Personally I can't use this service...but I am sure someone here could use it. Don't give up...try posting this in the JV section.
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