Can I manually Check my Akismet Spam? I have 1057 spam but...

by Peter Helps 4 replies
I want to make sure that all those comments are infact spam comments.

I went on Akismet's site and they say on there to manually check the spam database. I have wordpress 2.6 and have no idea how to find that database. All it tells me that it caught 1057 spam comments and that's it.

is there a way for me to check? Thanks,

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    You just go inside your WordPress set up and "deactivate" the plug-in, pretty soon you'll start seeing spam in your inbox instead of going straight to moderation.
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      Just dump it all

      Most of the comments i get are self serving junk anyway

      forget about the spam and do something positive
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      In WordPress, look under Comments in your Dashboard. On the Comments page, you'll see near the top "Comments" and "Akismet Spam (1057)". Click on the Akismet Spam link, and you'll see all the comments that have been marked as spam. If you see any that shouldn't be there, there's a box you can check that says "Not Spam."

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        Thanks Dan. I looked in there and there is a zero next to the Aksmet spam link. The 1057 spam have been automatically deleated by Akismet. Their site says that I can check the comments manually but I have no idea how.

        I've also learned through research that there are some legit comments that end up in Akismet's spam folder. That's why I wanted to check.


        Anyone else have any ideas?
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