Can someone teach me PRE-selling vs. SElling?

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Hi, I'm still a newbie and can experts help me with the difference between "how to presell" vs. what is selling?

For example I am having trouble because I write constantly write an article that each might have 500 views then 50 might click to my site, then 25 will click to merchants site and 0 people will buy product... I think I am doing something wrong on my home page

So if you can give me some tips on examples of how I can presale or any other pointers where I can improve my conversation rate of 0 percent to even one sale that would be great.

Thank you.
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    You'll notice a lot of marketers 1) writing articles once (pre-selling) then 2) having to redirect that traffic to their websites before 3) redirecting traffic again to merchant sites (selling).

    Every visitor will be pitched during the third destination so pitching "too much" in the first two phases may become "double" or "triple" pitches (way too much).

    If you know the subject well enough to write an article, you should be able to demonstrate your expertise to facilitate the visitor to the third stage of the sale to hopefully close.

    But maybe you can even try only setting your funnel as two step process instead of the current three only because you might be losing a lot of traffic moving from 2) to 3).

    If you happen to be using EZA, get .info from Godaddy and use them to redirect straight to merchants product instead of having to go through Squidoo lens in between.

    PM also sent for a short report.

    PS love your current signature line.
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      Thanks Takuya!

      I'm a starter, but I am willing to try everything I can to be a successful internet marketer and chase my dreams. If you can answer any of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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      Ken evoy is the master of preselling

      he wrote an ebook on it that I think is now free to anyone. I can't find the link right now.

      My offline business in the UK has adopted his methods and I have customers screaming for my products because they are completely ready to order. They are utterley presold and just are ready to buy

      Ken Evoy is a very clever guy
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        I think this is the link for the download of Ken's book.

        Boy, that is 140 pages, and for free. I am sure glad I read this thread because I need to read this fellows book, soon. I would have never found it if I had not read this thread.

        Tim Pears

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        Hello CloudChasser. What you want to do is offer a free E-book, CD Or DVD on a squeeze page. At the minimum you want to obtain the prospects name and e-mail address. This will accomplish 2 things for you. You will be building trust and credibility with the prospect. What you want to do is generate the lead before you put an opportunity in front of the prospect to buy. You create content which is going to assist them in getting something done, in exchange for their name and e-mail address. One of the mistakes I see marketers make is that they direct the prospect immediately to the offer page. This is a mistake because if the prospect does not buy you lose the opportunity to cultivate the relationship with them to purchase products from you later on. Most importantly you will be building a list of target potential prospects/clients.

        Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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