Click Through Rates at Ezine Articles?

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Good evening warriors,

I am now regularly submitting articles to ezine and am just wondering if anyone knows what a good click through conversion rate is?

Also am I right in understanding that a good conversion rate - of visitors reading my article to clicking through to my site - is only about 1%?

Or maybe I have this figure wrong?

Any thoughts would be very gratefully received.

Thank you

Jenn x
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    Anything less than a 35% click through rate and there needs to be some pretty serious changes made somewhere. I think the 1% you are thinking of is actual conversions. So for every 100 people that read your article you want no less than 35 of them to click on your link (obviously you want more than that, and 35% still needs some work). For every 100 people that visit your landing page from your article, at least 1 of them should buy.

    Of course you want that number to be higher too
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    You should average no less than 20%. If you are in the single digits then I recommend going back to the drawing board.
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    I think 35% is a little high for inexperienced or newbie AMers. Even 20% is a bit of a challenge for those just starting out.

    For an experienced AMer, 35% would be considered good...especially at EZA where a good percentage of your readers click on the 50 million Google ads instead of your resource links (if they can even be seen anymore!)

    Also remember that it depends on the niche and/or target audience (among a ton of other factors). So asking for a blanket percentage may not even apply to your market.

    Whenever someone asks me what their CTR should be, I tell them, "One percent higher than it is right now." Then I tell them to ask me again tomorrow.

    Usually they get it after two or three days. LOL

    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    With the new CTR thing in place at EZA I started looking at the difference between the resource boxes for the +30% articles and the 1% articles (yeah, I have some of those).

    And I discovered... some cases the same resource box was used -- same article topic, so it wasn't a mismatch problem.

    Which makes me believe there's a certain amount of voodoo involved in getting a high CTR from your article.

    Jay Jennings

    PS - In general, the more "up front" the call to action is, the better the CTR, but there are some exceptions that make me still consider the voodoo theory valid.
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    There are SOME key factors:

    length/quality of article

    and of course


    I outlined this in my recent WSO because i myself am often amazed how some writers use extremely unattractive, "non click inducing" resource boxes.

    Example: "If you want to read more about XYZ then click here" <--- Example of a really BAD one.

    There are other factors involved, eg. how "needy" a reader is in regards to solving a problem he might have.

    Like Jay, i see articles with 40%+ CTR using the *same* resource box as one with only 10%.


    An article "Get Rid of the XYZ Virus - A Fix" might trigger WAY more clicks since people are likely looking for a solution RIGHT NOW.

    As opposed to a general article about "How Computers can get affected by Viruses" where there is no urgency to fix a problem.

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      i wish i can have a high ctr in EZA. I would say with my more than 50 EZA articles I have averaged 15.14% CTR. The highest CTR I got for an article is 31%.

      But I don't focus on the CTR. It is also not good to get a 50% CTR if all you get is 15 views (extreme example of course) for your article.

      Instead, I focus on the number of clicks I get per article. If I am averaging, say, 40 clicks per article and I get a sale for every 100 clicks, then I am happy with it because the cost of putting up 2.5 articles ($10-15) to get 100 clicks is more than enough for the commission I will be getting in sales.
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