The Hard Truth to Marketing your Business

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Your business WILL NOT grow without consistent advertising and promotion. This does not mean you should break the bank to advertise. It does, however, mean that you MUST take some form of decisive action toward marketing your business EVERY DAY without fail. When I first got started in this industry, I didn’t dare miss a day of marketing or prospecting for the first three years. I knew that if I were more diligent than most for the next 3-5 years, I would have the lifestyle most dream of for life!
Consistent action is the key to being a successful marketer in any business. A common mistake that marketers make is that they try a few things, and then wait and see what they get. They will buy a few applications, place a few ads, do a couple of things online, and then sit back and expect the world to fall into their lap.
Think about it in these terms:
If marketing were easy, everyone and every business would be successful. Marketing is HARD WORK. Marketing is the kingpin of every successful business. I don’t care if you are a dentist, accountant, trucking company, yoga instructor, or flower arranger.
Marketing is your way to get in front of your target audience and make your case as to why you are exactly what your customer is looking for.
Marketing is going to be the most difficult yet rewarding thing that you have ever done. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from setting up a successful campaign and making 10:1 on your money is incredible. The only question is this, “Are you willing to do what it takes or are you going to be one of those who makes a stab at it and then sits back and waits…?”
FACT: Nationwide, 95% of ALL businesses go BANKRUPT within five years. (This includes brick and mortar businesses.)
Based on this, you MUST be prepared to exert MORE EFFORT when it comes to marketing than the 95% who fail if you plan to succeed. There is no shortcut or easy way out.
A lot of people who fail do the following: They place an ad in a newsletter, magazine, newspaper, direct mail, radio, or website. And when they don’t see quick results, they pull their ad after a very
Studies show that a consumer needs to see your ad (product or service) at least 7 times before making a purchasing decision. Not only does repeating your ad give your company recognition with the consumer, it also gives your company credibility through exposure.
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