Am I Setting Myself Up For Failure...

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deleted.....thanks Janet you have given me the perfect solution...offer a cash prize for most optins
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    Originally Posted by Ernie Lonardo View Post

    I have a bit of a dilemma guys...

    I have a launch coming up and plan to do the whole 8 week pre-launch thing and really create a buzz for my product.

    I'll be having free pre-launch material which my jv partners can send to their list.....and thats where the issue lies.

    I want to financially reward my jv partners for sending out the pre-launch material to their list.

    I had an idea about having the prelaunch material redirect to the sales page and that way affiliates can get paid for doing that...and not just on launch date....YES. That means I'd actually have the sales page up WEEKS before launch date taking "pre-orders" at a special price...but of course they wouldnt get the product until launch date...

    My problem is, I dont know if this is a good idea or not? Some say I'd be killing the anticipation by having the sales page up taking orders during prelaunch?

    I mean it would still be generating hype and anticipation around the "launch date" and with all the free prelaunch material jv partners are sending out, it may not be a problem..

    What do you guys think? Or is there a better option?


    Seriously Don't DO IT that way

    Having the sales page up and taking orders during prelaunch means you are going to take peoples money, but not deliver for a month or up to two months later.

    1. Where I live in the UK, this is a Law Breaker, you can not, and must not, charge anyone for anything until you have physically dispatched the goods.

    2. Added to fact 1. The customer has the right under the distance selling regulations (UK and EU) to cancel the order within a period of "7" days.
    (only exception are a few items that are generally personal items )

    3. If the customer cancels on day 7 and you've already remunerated your JV partners, you could be out of pocket Big Style!

    Just my thoughts.

    Check out your rules and regulations with regards to Distance Selling, Mail Order and the likes. That way you can then formulate your offer to your JV Partners and know you won't have to lose the shirt off your back.

    The way one marketer did it recently was to offer prizes for the most sign ups pre launch, pretty nifty in my opinion. Top prize was a SMART car, then there were Ipods, Television Sets, whatever..... about 10 in all.
    Worked for him and I think them

    Hope that helps.


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    I wouldn't do it that way at all, and have to agree with Janet. The only way, in fact that it would fly was if you planned to process the order right away, but then that defeats the purpose of a pre-launch really, unless you were offering a limited number of copies at a discount price. If you do it that way, and it's set up to be relatively close to the date of the actual launch, it may work.

    I've never done either before, so definitely interested in seeing the opinions of those who may have.
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    thanks Janet you have given me the PERFECT solution...offer a cash prize for most optins

    THANKYOU! THANKYOU! I've seriously been stressing over this for the last few hours.
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