I've Got Some Squidoo Lenses That Need a New Home

by Ouroboros 3 replies
My first forays into IM back around Christmas were experiments with Squidoo. I put together a bunch of lenses just to test SEO, formats, modules, etc.

I'm getting ready to concentrate on a particular niche and need to clean out some of the stuff that I've lost interest in. I deleted several that were basically just a reserved name but I have a few that consistently get a trickle of traffic and could make somebody a good project.

I hate to just abandon them because they're getting organic traffic and somebody could take them and make something from them.

They are about recipes, organic medicine, mortgages, and ebay. If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll send you the particulars (stats, age, etc.)

I'd like to pass them on to someone, either for a few bucks or even free within the next week.

(If this is inappropriate for this part of the forum, please don't hit me with an infraction, just let me know and I'll move it or delete it)

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