DVD Slipcases Supplier?

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I'm trying to find a company that sells custom DVD slipcases.

Just to clarify, a slipcase is not the plastic outer case but what holds multiple DVDs. I have sets of 10 DVDs in cases that need custom printed slipcovers to hold the set. Think TV show box-set style.

Any suggestions?

A google search yielded a few results but the main issue I've come across is that most want very large print runs.
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    You might try checking locally - places like Kinkos.

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      Originally Posted by HarveyJ View Post

      Just the one?
      Or en-masse?
      If you're only after one, any large A/V store carries these sorts of things for collectors. They're just really over priced is all.
      If you need a few thousand of these things for a product, then alibaba.com
      I'm looking for a few hundred for the initial run.
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