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Can anyone tell me if they're getting value out of being a member of George's Club?

I've been a member since August 26 but due to some hitch, I've been denied access for October and November although I'm still paying for it.

Is it worth my while to continue to rectify the situation or do you think I should I just cut my losses and cancel my subscription?

Can anyone tell me what the topics discussed since September 19 have been?

I have Google Sniper, obviously, and I think it's a fine product so I'm a bit disappointed with this turn of events.

Any suggestions? I've tried three email addresses for George so far.
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    I am a member of George's club too, but I just joined in a few days ago.
    I would like to know what does it happen to you , too.

    If you found out what's going on , please kindly let me know too.
    Thank you first.

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