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Does anyone know where I can get hold of Wordpress buttons:

What I need is to create buttons on my Wordpress sites, whereby when the mouse is placed over the button, there is a drop-down menu: and the user can click from the drop-down menu.

It would be best if it is free.


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    Check out the plug in section at wordpress.

    Bill Skywalker Edwards

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      Hey Jerry,

      I think we need a little bit more information. What exactly do the drop-down buttons need to be.

      Are you talking about a sharing type plug-in where someone hovers over it and it drops down and they can share the thread with different sharing sites such as twitter, Facebook or others.

      Or are you talking about a plug-in that will turn your menu into a drop-down style?

      Or... etc.

      There are many different solutions out there we need to hear little bit more specific information to be able to give you a real answer.
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    As per my understanding, you can place html code on sidebar using text widget or directly edit sidebar code page.
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    I have never heard about "WordPress drop-down". It is not something WP-specific.

    It is HTML: HTML Forms and Input
    (scroll down to find the examples for drop-down)

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    What I need is creating buttons on my webpage, which is using Wordpress:

    For instance, there is a button labelled 'DATING', and when the mouse is placed over 'DATING', there is a drop-down of ''SINGLES'', ''COURTSHIP'', ''RELATIONSHIP'', where the user can select..


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      You might check out the new Thesis theme. I think it's a built in option.
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    I found similar buttons at askdanandjennifer.com/
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    When you find a WP site with a theme that you like, do this:
    - right-click on the blog and select "View/Show Source" from the context menu
    - in the code view, find the line that calls the stylesheet; it usually looks like this in the head section:
    HTML Code:
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.example.com/wp-content/themes/THEME_NAME/style.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
    - take the THEME_NAME and put it in your favourite search engine; it should be easy to find its home
    - then you download it (if it's free) or buy it.

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