Newbie Building A List - What To Do With It

by Eric Yonson 12 replies
Here's my situation:
- I set up a blog
- The blog points to some affiliate links
- I also set up a form to capture emails of people interested in joining a free mailing list
- I've been getting a ton of views and click thrus to my affiliate links from some article marketing I did
- People are also starting to sign up for the mailing list

So my question:
What do I do with this list? What kind of messages should I start sending these people? I probably shouldn't try to sell them anything just yet, should I? I'm a little bit lost.

Any info would be much appreciated.
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    i think that he bes solution is to send them free reports in your niche people love freebies like that you will build a good relationship with them they will wait for your emails i did it before with the im newbie niche and it worked well for me

    wish u the best luck in your adventure
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      Start giving them some useful information as far as tips for making money online. Prove yourself to them before you start asking for the dollar.

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    Hey well done on getting that far, that is cool. Give them content, and chuck a little personality in to your emails have fun with it.

    Nothing worse then getting emails from people where there is no persona just the old "you have to get your hands on this super easy way to earn big $$$" stuff that hammers our inboxes. Now that is fine if you have a strong raport with people and heck they will do what you say if you manage to get them onside first.

    Have fun

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      Don't try to sell them anything right off the bat. Warm them up a bit. Post some good info on your blog and send them links to it. Share tips, news, jokes, whatever. Give them freebies. Instead of selling them something outright, send them your link to a 100% commission report. You make money, they make money, all is good.

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    They've all told you what to do with the list. The saying goes thet there is money in the list. The only caution I want to give here for your own benefit is this, do not rent out the list for now.

    Learn everything you should about affiliate marketing at

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    Hi Eric,

    Like Rich points out above, congrats on getting
    thus far... you would be surprised how many
    people don't even get there!

    The trick is to build a strong relationship with
    your list and to develop your "own voice"
    that will set you a part from the others.

    Pre-Selling without sounding pushy will
    get you a long ways. Nobody likes to be
    "sold to" unless you are well "acquainted".

    Offering links to Free tools and resources
    works great... and don't go too long without
    communicating with them.

    Keep at it!

    Regards, Pete
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  • Profile picture of the author Eric Yonson
    Thanks for all the great info.

    I think there was a misunderstanding - I'm not in the make money niche.

    But everything still applies.
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      hi there, its my first post so if i sound dumb please go easy.

      I think instead of offering them a e-book you should break it down into chunks and offer it as a course. send them a bit of the course every few days.

      a lot of people have a tendency to download a e-book and then never read it.

      With a course you sending them lots of e-mails over a period of time which means you have lots more chances to get them to notice.

      thats my 2 cents anyway

      hey everyone
      feel free to give me a PM, even if its just to say hi. i always reply back, accept freind requests ect.

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      I would add that if your ultimate goal with your list is to get them to buy things you're an affiliate of, use your non-sales messages to give more reasons why the products you want to sell to them later are worth owning. Everyone here gave great advice - give your list members free and useful info to build trust and develop a solid foundation. But you can do that and also subtly build in a pre-sell at the same time. Then, when you do start sending the occasional sales message, it will be seamless and fit right in with your previous messages.

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      Regardless of the niche you're in, you can also set up a series of pre-written followups eg tips or training or something, let it run on autopilot, then eventually add products to the series - in between other useful info
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    **thank you for the great post and great followup info.

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    How are you getting such traffic?
    Is it all from your articles?

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