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Hi everyone.

I was messing around with my website today and for some odd reason, when I clicked on my affiliate link to go to the amazon website it only retains my affiliate id on the page that I'm sending people to. If I click off of that specific page I'm sending people to, the affiliate Id is not retained. Can anyone please explain to me why that would be happening.

I was under the impression that when I send people to Amazon, I would get commission on anything they buy as long as they went to Amazon through my link.

If so, why is it that when people click off the one product I'm promoting to a different product my affiliate ID isn't there anymore. Is it still there, just not in the url anymore?

Very confusing, and I think this may have to do with why my conversions are the way they are.

Anyone that knows and can verify would be a great help.


Jacob Martus
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    You get the commission even if they click through to a different product. I don't know why it doesn't display in the address.

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    Most of my Amazon sales are not from direct links so I don't think that you have anything to worry about.
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    I don't think it makes any difference. As long as the first link they click has your affiliate link, I think you still make sales for whatever they order. I checked one of my links that I know is working because I am making sales from it, and I can tell that people go to Amazon and then order other stuff and I make commissions from it.

    The reports actually show you what people order, and many of the items people order are not advertised on my sites.

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      Ok. I was just wondering. I thought my affiliate ID would have to be in the url always to make the sale. It is there on the original link, but any products I click on after that aren't displaying my affiliate id.

      Thanks for your help guys,

      Jacob Martus
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        I think when they arrive at Amazon with your affiliate link the cookie is dropped on their computer, and where ever they go on Amazon they are in your net.

        The net may stretch but as long as they stay at Amazon your cookie will be in the net with them.


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    Cookies.............what a great invention.
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    Mmfh is spot on. Like many good affiliate sites a cookie is placed on the users PC, this allows you to be paid even if they buy a none related product. Not sure how long that cookie stays active for you with Amazon but I would assume it will be a short amount of time, but some sites have a 90 day cookie rule so you get paid even if the user returns and buys up to 90 days later.

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    What sucks about Amazon is that their cookie is only good 24 hours .
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  • Amazon has an affiliate link verification service you should use. You should also check your own browser to see if your cookies are in fact being recorded.
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