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Some people have a difficult time with article marketing... Whether it's getting
people to read your article or getting readers to click through to your landing

I've written down some tips that have helped me along the way so read on and
see if you can find any bits a pieces that you can add to your article marketing


This is what gets people to click on your article in the first place... It needs to
be good and capture attention (like a sales letter headline just shorter). Below
are some good starting headlines to work with:

Note: This first set of headlines is from CopyBlogger

Ask a question
- Gotten a speeding ticket lately? Read this.

Make a promise
- Become a famous blogger in 60 days.

Who Else Wants [blank]?

The Secret of [blank]

Little Known Ways to [blank]

Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All

Here's a Quick Way to [solve a problem]

What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]

Give Me [short time period] and I'll Give You [blank]

The Lazy [blank's] Way to [blank]
- The Lazy Man's Way to Riches.

See How Easily You Can [desirable result].


Make a recommendation.
- The 5 [stocks/products/tips/methods/etc.] You Must own/have/know/use/etc.] NOW.

Guarantee headline
- Double Your [conversions/sales/weight loss/etc.] In 30 Days Or I'll [pay
you/give you/send you/etc.]

Discount headline
- See how to get 50% off [product]
- Up to 40% off [product]
- Try out [product] and get [bonus] for free!

Reason why headline
- 7 Reasons Why You Should...

More Good Headlines that work (thanks to CityWarming)

- Who Else Wants to... - 10 Ways to... - Learn Exactly How...

- 7 Amazing Strategies to... - 7 Sure-Fire Tips For... - 5 Big Reasons to...

- READ THIS: If You Are Truly Serious About...

- Do You Wish There Was An Easier Way to...

- 8 Deadly (Insert Topic) Sins... - 10 Steps to... - The 7 Secrets of...

- 5 Action Ideas to Get... - Discover the "Insider" Strategies That...

- (Insert Topic): 3 Things You Must Know...

- Skyrocket Your... - The 5 Ugly Lies About... - Finally Revealed!

- Get an Instant 20-50% Increase in... - Proof That...

- 10 Simple Steps to Catapult Your... - Discover How YOU Can...

- How I (Insert Accomplishment) in Record Time...

- Three Quick-Start Tips to... - Discover the Secret Formula...


Article Body

Keep it short and easy to read.

- Use bullet points, number and keep paragraphs short (3-4 lines).

- Do not write a closing sentence; write a sentence that leads to your
resource box.


So if you need to do a lot of keyword research then its best to have a
good keyword research tool...

[Resource box] - You can get a Free keyword tool at [website].


Resource Box

The resource/bio box is a lot like a headline or a PPC ad so study them or look
at some of the sample headlines above...

Here are some words and headlines to work with...

Good opening words to use

- new - hot - top - beware - powerful

- learn why - Learn Simple

- The ultimate - Find out - How to - How I

Call to action words

- ask for... - start today - demo - test drive - test run

- [videos/report/audio] show(s) you how

- free trial - learn more - Watch video

- See Samples! - See proof! - See results!

- Watch what happened

Good words in general

- lucrative - No Risk, No Fees - Legitimate - Step-by-step

- Totally unseen till now! - Proof - Secret - Revealed

- Exposed - None better - Strange twist

- Guaranteed to [increase/decrease something]

- Everything you need to succeed!

- urgent - discover - revealed - exploited - sneaky trick

- powerful techniques - breaking all the rules - turn-key

- discover [gurus/investors/etc.] undisclosed secret(s)

- clone the secret strategies - proven blueprint

- from just a few hours of work - unleash the hidden truth

- legally steal - shocking - juicy details

- I'm still trying to convince [my friends/co-workers/them] this is not illegal!

Make sure you're going after buyers, NOT freebie seekers...

Here are some buyer/solution seeking keywords:

- training - help - tutorial - guide - review

- discount - purchase - coupon - buy

- coaching - seminar

- cure - treatment - relief - repair - improve

- remove - fix - solution - remedy - comparison

Alright hopefully that helps some of the newer article marketers out there to
start seeing some positive results from their marketing efforts.

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    you have some good ones in there which I will have to expand my list.

    don't forget "game changer" , " new rules", "uncover" "Government" "limited time", and FREE

    again, the ones you have there are more than enough though..

    BTW, I just got an approval on ArticleDashboard
    has anyone noticed how bad article dashboard's new look is?
    it is all geared to have someone click on their adsense ads. I think I am done with them. I see no clicks on analytics

    I think if the article directory does not allow bold links or subheading within the article to just skip it as they want to just make adsense money.

    anyone know the best ones which do allow subheadings , I know "EZA" "ArticlesBase" and "Go" does but then I just got an email from EZA saying the resource box link did not lead to a page of worthy content and I replied correct, because the anchor text blatantly says "search for lawyers".
    yet the following text says and additional legal articles on.....
    what a bunch of newbie hires they got there.

    Take out FREE when lookign for buyers as Sean mentioned
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