Tell me this website is destined for failure or success!

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Seeking all internet marketing gurus!

Well here goes I have been playing with IM for several years and I literally mean playing and mix that with a bit of entrepreneurial ADD my completion rate on projects can be best summed up as ordinary.

So I am asking for a little guidance from you.

I have had this site online for over 18 months and yep it I havent finished it. I have 300 members that ashamedly I havent emailed in over 12 months as I have been focused on my offline bus.

But the time has come next month I am reviewing the site, reworking it and going to give it the attention it deserves. It is in the personal development niche and I bought the company 4 years ago that has the licensces for the programs and there is so much great content from many of the all time greats.

I am thinking about a lifetime membership site, pay once etc. I sold some memberships at first for a $19 monthly fee buy people were downloading the material and dissapearing into cyber space.

Here is where I am hoping some expert advice could help:
  • What should I do for the landing page (video, opt in etc)
  • Is the sales message poor
  • What do you think, lifetime membership or monthly and send content etc monthly?
The site address is

Any way I would really appreciate any and all feedback. I am really wanting to finally complete a site and get it out there.


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    Oh and just to mention that I have been viewing this forum for 3 years as rmsalesmasters but was absent for the last 6 months and when I returned my old username and pasword would not let me in. Which was cool as I was trying to get a username change any way.
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    hire a copywriter.
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    A recurring monthly subscription will be more profitable for you (if it sells of course). You could deliver content month by month. A simple way to do this would be an Autoresponder. More secure is a membership software that manages what content can be accessed depending on duration of membership.

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    THanks, in regards to copy yeah it is a little stale! It has been there purely for when clients used to purchase downloads from ebay and they would get sent straight to that as a thankyou for purchase page.

    The site runs on BFM I have am just trying to get the value proposition in place.

    Thanks for feedback
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