What is wrong with PayPal???

by smeatz
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Am I the only person in the virtual universe who finds that Paypal links from certain well-known Internet Marketers NEVER work??? (ie. they time out continuously).

It is so frustrating!!!

Mind you, having said that, I can't even log into my own Paypal sometimes from Paypal's own "log-in" links!

What's with that???

Is there a Computer setting I need to adjust to allow Paypal links to work without problems? I am sick and tired of it. Other times, I can link through to Paypal without any problems whatsoever.

The only Internet Marketer that I "never" seem to be able to purchase from his Paypal links is Kevin Riley. And that's a damn shame coz Kev's stuff is very VERY good.

Anyway, your thoughts, advice and/or similar experiences and solutions are all welcome

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      This problem most often occurs when the vendor is using PayPal's IPN. The fix seems to be to tell the script to allow full minute for PayPal's response. Doesn't always work but it helps.

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        If you're using IE7 that could be the problem

        I experienced the same issues for a number of weeks and it was driving me nuts

        Unfortunately the response from PayPal support was to use another browser (yep seriously)

        This however corrected the problem for me:

        TLS 1.0 enabled by default with IE7

        Go to tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Use TLS1.0 (And if it's checked uncheck it then try PP again)

        Not had a problem since.

        Here's the info I found that alerted me to the problem:
        IEBlog : Windows Vista?s RFC-compliant TLS Extensions ? Can your server handle them?

        In a nutshell:
        "we have encountered some HTTPS servers which claim to support TLS, but violate the RFC and "hang up" when extensions are received during the HTTPS handshake process."

        ... "If you cannot connect to the site by default, but successfully connect after you uncheck "Use TLS 1.0" in Tools | Internet Options | Advanced, please contact the manufacturer of your web server software about the availability of a fix for their TLS implementation."

        I'm not sure if this is the case with PP but ever since I unchecked the box I've had zero problems logging in

        Hope that helps

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