Amazing, Unique, Never Before Seen Post!

by George Wright 1 replies
Hi All,

The same subjects have been coming up on the Warrior Forum for over 100 years now.

Some like to post "We have discussed this before."

Others like Yours Truly say, "If we limited posts to never-before talked about subjects the forum would be dead.

So first of all Congratulate me, this post is unique as to the best of my recollection we've not had a post like this before. :p

Secondly here is the purpose of this post....

Post a link in this thread when you find a subject that has not been discussed more than 3 times in the past year. The previous snitz forum counts as we can still search it.

If I am right this thread will die within 24 hours because there will be no links to post.

If I am wrong this thread will stay on top forever.

George Wright
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