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Hey folks,

I felt that I've been so relying on ClickBank and I want to move on by stop using ClickBank for some of my sites on ClickBank.

So, I was thinking of using paypal (with third party shopping cart) as my payment gateway but I noticed that I cant get people to buy through credit card.

Every single time I clicked on the order button, it redirects to the paypal login page (where customers login to pay).

How do I get my paypal to accept credit cards? Or do I have to use


PS: I know this is kinda stupid question for marketer of my level but hey, nobody is perfect. ;-)
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    Originally Posted by Desmond Ong View Post

    How do I get my paypal to accept credit cards?
    It might be related to your location.
    We had a similar problem with a friend/partner of mine: he is in Germany and set up his PP account there. No matter what we tried - his "buy now" buttons always took the buyer to the German Paypal, and even after calling the support to enable changing the language... the credit card option didn't show up ever on his page.

    (He then moved to US and the problem got solved.)

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    Usually there is an obscure link on the Paypal sign in page that says "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)" It's really easy to not notice it. I have attached an image to show where it appears on one of my pages.

    You should get a link like that if you are using PayPal's 'Website Payments Standard'. Paypal offer a service called 'Website Payments Pro' in a few countries, which has a front-end that is more like a normal credit card processing page. Last time I spoke to them (about 6 months ago) it was only available in the USA and the UK, they told me they were rolling it out more widely, but they have to negotiate with the Financial Services legislators in each country, so it is a very slow process.

    I hate to say it but I doubt that Website Payments Pro will be available in Malaysia for some time. But there may be a way to tell prospects that they can pay by CC if they choose the "Don't have a PayPal Account ..." link and show them where to find it (assuming you are actually getting it on your pages).

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Desmond,

    Clear your browser cookies, and empty your cache, then test one of your Paypal sales links out.

    You should be taken directly to the credit card details, with the optoin of logging over to the right hand side.

    If you've logged into Paypal on your computer before, when you go to pay for something at Paypal they display the login form again.

    If you clear your cookies, they display the credit card details instead, assuming that you don't yet have an account.

    Test it out and let me know if it works for you!

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    Originally Posted by Desmond Ong View Post

    Hey folks,

    I felt that I've been so relying on ClickBank and I want to move on by stop using ClickBank for some of my sites on ClickBank.
    I would question the logic in that. Clickbank nicely handles refunds, fraud, reporting etc. If you process payments yourself you will be liable for chargebacks further down the line (perhaps after you have paid affiliates). The clickbank fee of 7.5% + $1 is cheap to prevent this hassle, and you will never be out of pocket with Clickbank.

    Increasing your sales by 7.5% will be easier than dealing with all the b****** of using PayPal - I say that from experience
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    I posted this to another thread but it may be helpful here as well:

    PayPal Standard Transactions and Support

    On the PayPal login page that you are referring to there is an option to not login and just pay with credit card but it is not obvious and not emphasized because PayPal wants everyone to create an account.

    These are called "unverified" payments.

    PayPal is a great option if you don't have many other options available to you.

    I am not sure what your options are as far as merchant accounts but it would benefit you with many shoppingcart solutions if you were to be able to get one with an or NMI gateway or a merchant account integrated with any gateway that has an emulator.

    I was just compiling a list of various merchant providers that also offer emulators today...

    Here ithe list of Gateways with their AIM emulator urls to post to that we can add whenever you get a chance:

    These two are also supposed to have emulators but I was not immediately able to find the url they post to:

    Merchant Account Provider - Accept Credit Card Payments Today With CDG Commerce! - They are said to have an authnet emulator for the cdggateway.
    American Payment Solutions : Internet Merchants - they state that they have one

    Other alternatives are PayPal's own merchant account solutions PayFlow Pro and Website Payments Pro.
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