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I have been watching website auctions and for sale listing in various places around the internet. I have never purchased an established website before. Has anyone here had success purchasing websites? What criteria do you use for deciding on a purchase? I have a particular website in mind that is for sale. It is a PR5 and Alexa rating of 445000. It has over 13000 backlinks and is getting 120,000 uniques per month but it appears that the traffic has only been at that rate for a couple months. The current owner has not tried to monetize the website. It is in the finance industry. How do I know if this worth buying? What are ways I could monetize a website like that? Any thoughts?
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    How much do they want?
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    I've bought lots of websites and the only thing I pay any attention to now is current earnings.

    Alexa, Pagerank, links etc. mean nothing.

    The only thing that matters is revenue.

    Unless you can completely convince yourself that the visitors the site gets are very well focused, in large numbers and from sources that the existing owner cannot 'turn off' once you buy the site I wouldn't consider it.

    Many people sell sites and then once they're transfered they redirect all the traffic and links to the next site they want to sell and do the same again.

    In most cases it should be very clear where the traffic and money comes from or I wouldn't give it a second look.


    nothing to see here.

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