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Actually this is not about Opt in form I already made it.
I have another question: Where should I upload my PDF file to get a link to send it to my subscribers to down load product.
It should be free

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    Create a downloads directory on your server. Upload your file (zip it first) to your server and add a link to the file in the email, and on the thank you page, that goes out to the subscriber.

    that should do it

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    how to create this "download directory" I tried to create directory and put there my file but it still doesnt work.
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      hmmm... it should work...

      1 - Create a folder called downloads (or whatever name like sf9405, just so it looks scary and people will avoid to guess).

      2 - Transfer your download file in this directory.

      3 - The link of the file would then be
      4 - To download the product, you can just paste this link on a webpage, your thank you page maybe, or the last page of your funnel. Or as jensrsa said, on your email message.

      I mean it should work. I don't get you saying "still doesn't work". What do you mean? []
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