Testers needed: Automatically Post To Web2.0 sites and Create open/broke/random wheel, whatever

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Hi, All,

We are at the final stage of testing a new software which can automatically post to web2.0 sites, and create open wheel, broken wheel, random wheel (or whatever you call it). It uses a private image recognition service, so, even the sites have captcha, it will performs automatically.

Here is one example:

You do not have to be an expert of computer. If you:

1) use Web 2.0 sites to build backlinking.
2) became warrior forum member before 2009/01/01, and have at least 200 messages.
3) willing to reallly test it within 3 days after you got the account. basically, use it and report any bugs. we'll track your testing based on the records on server. If you just want the account and do not do anything, the account will be disabled.
4) you are welcomed to send the testimonial, if you liked it.

If you are ok with these above requirements, please send me a PM and let me know:
1) will you test it on XP or Vista, or win7, what's the version, home, pro, ..., 32bits or 64 bits?
2) an email you want to use to login the account. the download email will be sent to this email.

We'll choose the tester and send the download email. We are sorry that we can not send the download email to all requests, and I won't be able to reply all PM. Thanks for understanding.

All testers will get a regular copy of the software with 1000 image recognition credit (since it costs us the money, so the credit is not limitless and you can always buy more credit with low price). The credit is used only when the site has captcha image. In most case, it is used when you create new account on web2.0 sites. If you just post, you seldom need use it.

We reserve the right to cancel the account if the tester do not really do anything about it. We provide full support. Any questions, just ask the support. But the tester has to test it.

We'll finish internal testing within days (we had been testing it for a long time already), once done, will send the email and PM to selected testers.

the temporary site is at Web Link Robot --- Post Content To Web 2.0 Sites Automatically! which has a more detailed description of what it is and a manual.


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    Hey David,

    I'm very interested. I sent you a pm.


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      I would be very keen give it a spin after some nightmare experience with a linkwheel software sold in the wso



      Edit: ooops didnt see the 200 post criteria

      In Impossible you will find I am possible.

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    the main purpose of 200 messages is to make sure the tester is a contributor of the forum. if you do not have this #, but thinks you contribute to the forum, that will be ok too, please send me the PM. but, keep in your mind, I can not gurantee anything.


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      I think I only have 146 posts or something, but I've been around here since long before my register date under a different name on the old boards.

      I would be keen to load this on my pc and have my assistant give it a whirl. She does my wheels manually now so it would be perfect test for someone that isn't necessarily trained in the arts of linkwheels.

      I could have her working on it either tomorrow or friday. I'm sure I'd give it a whirl over the weekend. I have lots of niches I was about to do this for anyway.

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    I'm interested. Sent you a PM.
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    got many PM, there are several common questions that I think maybe it is better to answer at here:

    1. this is for beta test, not review, although we have been testing it for a long time. we want to test it on different systems in different situations.

    2. the software is designed to work for English version site. if the site has different language versions, for example blogger, we never tested it on other language versions.

    3. it is a software to post to web2.0 sites, and it has a feature you can randomly link the posts together, so, not just regular wheel builder. The image in the original message is just a random linking.

    4. we are not able to give out all requests an account.

    5. We'll make decision this afternoon or tonight, and send out PM & emails tomorrow. So, check it tomorrow.


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  • Profile picture of the author Christian Fox
    I have used SeNuke for many months, I do this full time and have literally all day to run this thing, I can give it a good test for you.

    Oh, and I have 3 pc's 1 64 bit windows XP Pro and 2 with 32 bit XP. Also have my own exclusive proxies and 16MB/sec connection so I can get lots done quickly....

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    we chose testers and sent out the download email and PM on WF, please check. again, if you do not have time to test it, we'll give the account to others. please let me know any problems.

    there are some members that we want them to test, but they did not read the original message, and I can not send download email to them.

    we still want more testers, however, as I explained before, we wanted to test it on different situations, and because of too many requests, we can not satisfy everyone. thanks for understanding.

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    several testers did not download/test the software yet. we made sure sent the emails and also PM on WF. again, if you do not have time, we'll just give the account to others.

    for others, if you want to test it, please read the original message, we do not guarantee the account. thanks for understanding.


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    That looks really cool - I can't wait for a finished version to go live.

    Time = Money

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    • Profile picture of the author halfpoint
      Hey guys,

      I've been beta testing for David over the last few days so I thought I'd add my thoughts on the software.

      It took me a little while to get used to it, but now that I am it's absolutely fantastic.

      I created accounts at all the sites automatically, even bypassing captcha. You could actually create accounts at 10 sites and set up an article at each of them in about 15 minutes total.

      The very best feature is that it gives you the option to randomly link the different blogs to each other. For example, if you have 10 blog posts each one can randomly link to a different one that has already been created so you aren't creating a common pattern that Google can catch onto.

      I'm very happy I was lucky enough to beta test this and if you're at all interested in link wheels I would recommend you buy this when it's released as a WSO!
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  • Profile picture of the author geoffcruz
    Hi David,

    I would really like to test the software for you and provide a review in 3 days.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Profile picture of the author Davioli
    I'd love to try this out. if it is even an ounce better than Senuke's UNreliable solution..it could be a massive seller for you.

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  • Profile picture of the author AverageGuy

    thank you all. however, it is not our intention to compare our software with any others'.


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    • Profile picture of the author Edward Aw
      Hi David,

      Thanks for the opportunity to beta test. I would like to give ti a spin!

      Thanks and Merry Christmas,

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  • Profile picture of the author Khal
    I'm not a beta tester. I actually paid for a subscription.
    This software seems to fall way short.

    Very disappointed.
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  • Profile picture of the author AverageGuy
    Hi, Khal,

    May I know what problem you are having with the software? You can always get help from the support.


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  • Profile picture of the author honeyreidy
    hello, i would like to test your software if you will allow me. i have several sites that i need to build backlinks thru web 2.0 properties. im a member before jan 1, 2010. however i do not have much post yet as ive been busy with my seo jobs (im a seo specialist, btw), that i rarely have time to visit forums. pls allow me to test your software? right now, im using senuke and would like to see the difference of this from senuke. thanks for considering me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Eddie Scotten
    Hi David,

    I would like to give your product a run and see what it can do.

    All the best,


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  • Profile picture of the author JeffLam
    Hi Eddie,

    If I'm not wrong, this software is out of testing and is being sold in the market!

    From the looks of it though, this software does indeed look interesting.
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