A Free Alternative To Camtasia Studio

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Hey guys,

Has anyone seen this?

I came across a really cool free program that does most of the tricks that Camtasia Studio does, and it's really a lot simpler/easier to use.

It's called the Jing Project. I am impressed with the convience of use. It resides at the top of your monitor screen, as a small yellow dot that expands when you run your cursor over it. No having to open a program, it's ready to go with one mouse click.

Now I have to admit that I have Camtasia, so it isn't going to replace that for me (I'm too invested...to the tune of nearly $300!)

But, for the budget minded warrior, just starting off with limited $$$, this is a great alternative for getting your own instructional videos up on the web/your website. Oh, and it works on Windows or Mac.

So, let me be clear...This is a FREE Program, nothing to buy, ever. You can check it out at:


You will find some excellent tutorials there and a video demo, so you'll know if it's something worth your time.

Like I said, I use Cantasia, myself, but I've had a lot fun playing with this.

Go Play and tell me what you think.


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    Welcome to the forum. Jing has been highlighted a number of times before, but thanks for mentioning it again.

    Just a tip - if you want to check whether a topic has been covered use the search facility before posting.


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    I've posted about it but still wanted to say thanks so I could test the thank you system :-)
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    Just want to add my recommended alternative to camtasia.
    It is wink.I like it.I had try camstudio also but not satisfy with the

    Anyway, here is the link: Wink - [Homepage]
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    Hey Allen,

    Is the Thank You System going to be like "buy me a beer" in the old forum?

    George Wright
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    Another alternative is Camstudio IM. You'll want the IM version because it fixes things Camstudio doesn't.

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