Checkpoint: Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi folks,

I've been doing this IM thing part time for a few months and have recently decided to step up my efforts. I've built 2 sites in niches where I know transactions are taking place. I've got traffic -- but it seems like I should be able to make more money from this traffic. Can anyone advise?

In the past 30 days:
2 sites
12,687 visits (9,900 absolute unique visitors)
~6% of traffic is from product-targeted Google searches (like "productxxx review")
670 Clickbank hops to 20 products (my sole income stream, aside from some very low Adsense income)
11 sales

There is a lot of untargeted or semi-targeted traffic in my tiny empire - the reason is that I started out with an authority site in the World of Warcraft niche and have been gradually extending/evolving it into an IM site... the other site sees much less traffic but that traffic is more targeted and converts better...

I have two additional sites coming online soon...

What should I be focusing on at this point? Making traffic convert more effectively? Getting more targeted traffic? Is there anybody out there who generates a full-time income from IM and could offer up a tip or two?

Thanks folks, love this forum and hope someone can offer up some ideas; I'm tearing my hair out.

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    Hi Aaron,

    I think you have worked out for yourself that most your sales come from targeted traffic which is the same for myself and probably most the warriors on here.

    So your best bet it to concentrate on marketing to targeted traffic but also making sure that you have good content, as people will hit that dreaded back button if they dont like what they see on the site!

    I make a full time income online alongside my partner so it can happen, you just have to work for it and constantly use trial and error!

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    focus on getting your traffic to convert more before expanding

    then once you have the conversion process down then start looking on scaling, otherwise you will be dealing with the issues of the first site on the up scale

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    Now when the system works wash rinse & repeat...
    It's pretty simple once you got the basics down

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    I agree with Ed. Making sure that you get the best possible conversion will help you make a lot more money fast and will only increase it expotentially when you start driving more traffic to the site. With high conversions you'll be able to buy the traffic so that is definitely the way to go.

    And after that is done go for Chris' "rinse & repeat" process.
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