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So, I just bumped my Twitter WSO and my PLR WSO...and the Twitter WSO continues to outsell the PLR WSO 3 to 1.

Now, the PLR WSO is selling quite well since I slashed the price on it....but I find it interesting that an information product is greatly outselling a PLR product. Good to know for future product creation purposes.

I'm still trying to figure out the state of the PLR market. It seems that to sell PLR one has to keep the price really low.
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    My PLR WSOs don't sell nearly as well as they used to. What I hope that indicates is that people are learning not to buy stuff they don't use.

    On the other hand, I continue to get new subscribers to my PLR memberships at roughly the same rate I have in the past. :confused:

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      I have to agree with John, here... Hopefully people are learning.

      No offense to those that sell PLR (if there is a demand, fill it!), but the internet doesn't need more duplicate content out there. If we are going to sell something, we should do it in a way that adds value, not just copies someone else.

      Are people really learning this? Somehow I doubt it, but we can all hope!

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        Interesting...purely conjecture, but I would tend to think that the
        MAIN ATTRACTION of WSO's is getting N-E-W techniques...CHEAP.

        Something about that NEW THANG! Like twitter...or Facebook ads or
        Craiglist marketing when Craigslist was new.

        Again...purely conjecture...


        Titles like...

        How To Easily Make $50 A Day With Twitter (or insert latest NEW THANG)

        Will do pretty good...and better than many services offered...

        Lotsa psychological reasons for this which p-r-o-b-a-b-l-y would
        create a nasty rukus if we really I will leave it alone:-)

        Really interesting though...isn't it?


        PS...this has been done for centuries...but you can many times
        package something a NEW and EXCITING way.

        Be A Bum Marketer! Free eCourse

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          Travis is right...

          Buying PLR seems to be an easy place to start with a WSO. I used to think about putting out PLR in different niches. However, I discovered a multitude of PLR sites that were free and I tossed that out the window.

          I see offering PLR to an older product as a potentially good income stream once sales slow down but "fresh" PLR is really hard to find these days. My HD is clogged with ebooks that are relatively close.

          Dana- your ebook on Twitter probably sells b/c it's the "buzz" subject of the day. Darren Rowse at Problogger had a post with 540 people's twitter profiles and the traffic was insane. These people were all marketers or bloggers so it was a huge collective audience of people. B/c of this traffic...I learned about Twitter and thought of it as a good method. I wonder how many people really know how to use it???


          Brad Spencer
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    I don't know if people are "learning" not to buy PLR - I think it's possible that there's just a glut of it out there. I know someone with a PLR membership site who is doing just great...and I'm sure he's not the only I don't know if the desire for quality PLR has died out.

    But still, there's no getting around my results - info product way outselling the PLR!

    I suspect a LARGE part of the success of my Twitter WSO is the fact that Twitter is the current hot thing and internet marketers are always hungry for a new way to increase sales.
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