How I easily create ebook covers in 5 minutes flat

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Hey guys,

Id like to contribute to the forum today by sharing a method of which I use to easily create stunning looking ebook covers in less than 5 minutes.

This method has saved me a great deal of time, as beforehand I would sit at my computer wondering how on earth I could create a great looking ebook cover -- one that would look professional and entice buyers.

I hope you find this method useful.

Firstly, I head over to and browse books on any topic. It doesnt have to relate to your subject at all. Find a book cover that you like and emulate it.

*Disclaimer - Im not suggesting to simply COPY book covers, the concept is to use existing covers as inspiration

As an example....

I found a book cover on cooking for diabetics, and used the layout and design for an orchids book. See below...

Heres the original book over at Betty Crocker's Diabetes Betty Crocker's Diabetes Cookbook:...

Heres the original cover

Heres a reworking of the book cover, changed up slightly...

And heres my actual ebook cover (using Quick 3D Cover)

I havent put a great deal of effort into this, as this is purely for examples sake, but you get the idea. Occasionally I will use the design of two or more books and put them into one for my design.

Hope some of you find this helpful
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    The idea in itself is great!

    My only problem is: I don't have a good graphic editor, I do NOT want to learn any graphic editing, I hate to mess around with images...

    Maybe next time I will ask you, Johnny, to make a cover for me in 5 minutes (flat)

    But I really liked the "inspirational path" that you suggested!

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  • Profile picture of the author John Romaine
    Ive thought at times about offering my services - just not sure about demand and what to charge.

    Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Originally Posted by ramone_johnny View Post

      Its pretty easy [...]
      Yep, that's what I said today to myself when I saw a thread about a simple WP question with a bunch of wrong answers
      It really was easy. Because I know WP code.

      You know your graphic tools. So, it is easy for you.

      Have a good night.

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    Hi Ramone, Thanks for that idea.
    I create my own ebook covers using Web Graphics Creator, and also Photoshop (I only know very basic photoshop tools) and then use easy eCover creator to create a software box or ebook. (Go tradebit to buy a cheap version easy eCover creator) Web Graphics Creator has the software box and more functions, but I have some troubles with it. I also have some action scripts with Photoshop, but I don't really know how to use them.
    After creating, I think they are fine, but don't look as visually attractive as I would like them to be, so I'll go and find some ideas from Amazon.
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    Haha - don't tell me that Johnny - I just spent 2 days getting my new Amazon cover sorted out and now people are gonna copy it?

    nothing to see here.

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    • Profile picture of the author Kevin Riley
      Originally Posted by Andyhenry View Post

      Haha - don't tell me that Johnny - I just spent 2 days getting my new Amazon cover sorted out and now people are gonna copy it?
      Can I have a link to it? I need inspiration.
      Kevin Riley, long-time Warrior living in Osaka, Japan

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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Taylor
    Excellent! There are way too many badly designed, crappy ebook covers out there. The best way to learn is to emulate good design.

    Now, if we can only get ebook writers to learn how to properly typeset their manuscripts.
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  • Profile picture of the author stevecl
    you can design your own ebook covers for free using the site in the thread below

    I started with nothing and still have most of it left!

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  • Profile picture of the author jasondinner
    Here's how i do it.

    I get my favorite ebook designer on chat and ask them to do it

    Although what Johnny does is pretty cool too.

    - Jason

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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  • Profile picture of the author xiaophil
    Thanks for a great tip!

    Ideal for the 'graphically challenged' like myself.

    Much easier than staring at a blank screen and waiting for inspiration!

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