Sony Vegas? Or is there something better

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Ok, so I'm going to venture out of Windows Movie Maker and I'm thinking Sony Vegas. Which version is the best and easiest to use....or is there something better?

Jay NaPier
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    well i have'nt use both of them, i have used adobe movie maker though, a good tool and easy to use too, not sure this helps but just a suggestion for you to try
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  • I use nothing BUT Sony Vegas. For me, it is a great tool.
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    I went through this a few months ago and chose Sony Vegas Pro. It sells for $129 at It doesn't include a paper manual (only PDF) or DVD Architect, but if you're not burning to DVD or BluRay (or if you already have burning/authoring software like Nero) then you won't need it anyways.

    It's a great deal!

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    Vegas 8 Platinum for $82.99 on Amazon should do you fine, it includes DVD Architect even though it doesn't mention it in the title.
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      I agree. For most people the "light" version of Vegas will do everything they need, and then some. I've tried most all of the other popular video editors in the past, and IMO Vegas is the only "pro" level editor that's really simple to use. It's a great program!

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        I understand that a software called Power Director 6 was the highest rated program out of all of them in a recent offline magazine I ran across a couple months back (which I don't recall but I did write down the software name).

        I never hear anyone mentioning this though with regards to the best of the best.

        Anyone familiar with it? Or is the above responses about Sony's Vegas program the final answer?

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    Vegas is very good, although I use Adobe Premiere and I prefer it over Vegas. It also integrates nicely into other Adobe products.
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      Adobe makes killer products but for something that compares to Sony Vegas is Pinnacle.

      Frank Bruno
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        I use Ulead for video making, it came with a video camera I bought. I like it.
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    Vegas is A Class software
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