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Hi Warriors!

I like to give article tips but one thing I wanted to talk about it how we’re using article marketing. We all have our grievances with EZA and other article directories about their rules and how they operate. My own personal gripe is that they don’t allow me to submit articles about how to properly use PLR.


I understand WHY article directory owners have done this. To them, they’re sick of wading through PLR that’s been rehashed online 20,000 times. Would you want to serve your customers used fries out of a bag that 10,000 others had their hands in?

EZA in particular is known as one of the best article directories. We can see articles submitted and dominating in Google very quickly, that’s why we submit there.

So they have to maintain the integrity of the site, which means no duplicate content and not teaching others about PLR since many will abuse it and submit as is to see if they can squeak past an editor review.


One thing I try to do when writing my articles is think as if it’s my site. Do I want to buy up cheap trashy PLR that’s poorly written or pay a freelancer $2.50 per page to drum up some horrid content just to try to get my link in there?

Not me.

I’d prefer to represent myself with top quality writing. If I didn’t happen to be blessed with the talent to do it myself, I’d save and pay someone to do it the right way.

I’m a firm believer of this when it comes to Squidoo, Hub Pages, Knols, etc. Provide good, free content and your links will perform for you. So why would it be any different with an article directory?

I know there are some people who look at them as backlink farms. Plant a link, see it grow your business. But quality is akin to Miracle Grow on your garden of links – if you write some really engaging, well-written articles, they’ll get picked up MUCH more often, and people will be so impressed that they click through and convert into a sale.

It’s human nature to take more care and effort with our own things than someone else’s. So let’s try to write our articles as if WE owned EZA, GoArticles, or other directories. See if it spurs you to create better content next time.

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    As you know, most PLR packages encourage us to rewrite the articles.

    What do you think of this practice? I know we can fool Copyscape, but can we fool Google?

    Even if we can fool Google, does it help us in any way?
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    I use PLR solely for ideas. If you write enough articles about one topic, you run out of new ideas. PLR is great for inspiring different takes/angles on things you may have written and submitted in the past. I buy PLR all the time for this reason, but I think it's largely a waste of time for much of anything else.

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      My only complaint with EZA is that they don’t staff themselves efficiently to handle the increased demand in article marketers. However, when they finally get around to approving your article, make sure the content is worthwhile for the reader.

      I personally have been torn between using PLR articles and writing articles by myself. The idea that I would not be giving my readers the value they need is probably what has stopped me from using PLR in the past. I understand why EZA would be strict with their rules as there are so many people out there who try to get away with whatever they can to get into directories just for backlinks. A few bad apples mess it up for the rest of us.
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        I've stopped using PLR because most of the articles are poorly written and offer little value to the reader.

        I'm also trying (in my own small way) to elevate the quality of the articles on the web. I'm personally tired of reading articles that make no sense, and have loads of typos.

        EzineArticles has its problems, but at least they try to accept only new articles that are well-written.

        Just my two cents...
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