List Building In Non IM Niches

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I can understand the value list building in the IM market, as there are a ton of other information and products you could marketing to your list on the backend.

But I don't understand the value of the list in other niches, take for example getting you ex back or foreclosures or whatever. What is there on the back end you could offer other than your opt-in incentives?

Michael Forey
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    Part of its about finding a suite of related products. Especially for finance related lists, there have got be a thousand things you could offer someone in the foreclosure area. You know that foreclosure is not the only financial problem they are having.

    Bad credit credit cards, personal loans, cheap car deals. All kinds of things. Cheap travel packages. That freebie networking thing -- freebie force.

    And if you think of it as offering them a service to help them out, I bet you will be able to find a lot of ways to do that.

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    I see where you are coming from Michael.

    If you REALLY get involved with a group of people
    and understand the situation you find ALL KINDS of
    ways to HELP and PROFIT.


    Let's take your 'foreclosures' for example.

    A person going thru...or that just had a foreclosure
    is JUST STARTING a process.

    What else will be affected?

    His/her credit...for one...right?

    Do you think they may want to know how
    to get their credit back on track?


    Secured credit cards?


    How to rent a house with bad credit?


    See the opportunity?

    There are LOTS of very lucrative offers
    and products for this crowd.


    What got them in this position in the first place?

    You could help there too.

    In fact...Ya know what?

    Bet if you built a list...and REALLY HELPED these could MAKE A LIVING from just this one
    niche :-)

    Hope that helps...


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    Hey Michael..

    Getting your Ex Back?

    respectfully, are you kidding?

    If you build a list in this market,

    You will have a list of people who have a LOT of problems to be solved in a niche market..

    You can supply this niche with a LOT of answers to their related problems..

    How many singles related products are there out there? Most likely one of the biggest Affiliate opportunities out there..

    And for the incredibly small % of dudes who do in fact get their X back

    push flower affliate links to them


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    OK OK I get the picture

    I think poor Pete just about came through his monitor!

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