Affiliate Marketing vs. Creating Your Own Products

by Samuel P. 3 replies
I've heard some discussions lately about the pros and cons of being an affiliate, or having your own product and having your own affiliates.

I'd like to throw in my two cents.

If you are looking at it from the framework of: one is good and the other is bad, then you've got the wrong idea.

The economy is like one big body. A brain is surely important, but without a hand it's hard to execute what the brain thinks needs to be done. So is one good or bad? Nope! They are both needed for their own purpose and they must work together for the entire "body" to function properly.

So the issue is not which one is good. The issue is which line of work is good for YOU and those around you.

If you are an innovator, you'll be happier and make more money as a product creator. If you prefer to sell what others have innovated you'll make more money and be happier selling other people's products.

The key is to find what part of the big body YOU are, and live out that mission to the fullest. Leave the rest up to the other who enjoy doing that other stuff and share the profits with them. So don't worry about what is working for other people, worry about who you are and where you fit in to the big picture and you'll find your way to riches and happiness.

And with this attitude you'll also start appreciating the roles of those around you. The people you think are your "competitors", you might just find are really there to compliment what you do best. They sell, you create. Split the profits. Teaming up with others is vital to keeping the "bloodflow of this body" circulating properly with all the "limbs" working together in harmony.
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    Excellent Post Samuel! Personally I try to do both affiliate marketing and creating my own products. However, I do lean towards affiliate marketing. The reason for me is that quality products and services are everywhere. I try to focus on the marketing first and products second.

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    I dig affiliate marketing but creating your own product has some pretty big advantages. Creating upsells, continuity programs, lowering the price for special occasions, etc... then again, who says the two can't go hand in hand? There's multiple ways to do it.
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      You're right, and it also depends on the context.

      Ideally, we should all strive to do both (merchant and affiliate roles), combining the leverage of product creation with the passive profit of affiliate sales.

      However there is more opportunity for growth as a merchant, in general.


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