You Can Earn Some Fast Commissions from this HOT product and these Keywords:

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

The weekend is finally here!

I came across a hot product recently
and noticed it was going gangbusters
this holiday season.

Here's why it's a great affiliate commission opportunity:

1. Amazon sells it $50 cheaper than the store retail price.

2. It has nearly 500 reviews...and still has almost a 5 star rating

3. Amazon offers free super saver shipping!

4. The Amazon price is $ you still get a nice commission per sale...

5. It's a HOT item and lots of people are searching for it

Amazon dumped all their affiliates in my state
because of some tax laws, so I'm not going
to be taking advantage of their affiliate
program this Christmas...

But you sure can!

Here is the hot item:

Panasonic SD-Y250 Bread Machine

Here is the Amazon Link to see the reviews
and get some ideas for your article content: Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread...

Here are some LOW COMPETITION keywords
you can use to get some FAST organic traffic...
or use them to get some cheap CONTENT NETWORK clicks:

Keyword - Google Competition - # Searches

panasonic bread maker
15200 14800

panasonic sd yd250 automatic bread maker 16500 11800

panasonic sd yd250 bread machine 28800 2400

panasonic bread machine 6480 2400

panasonic sd253 3960 1900

panasonic bread 169000 1900

panasonic bread makers 8230 1900

panasonic sd yd250 23900 1900

panasonic sdyd250 automatic bread maker with yeastpro 2810 1300

bread maker panasonic 3150 1000

panasonic sd yd250 bread maker 35700 720

panasonic bread machines 4730 480

panasonic sd253 breadmaker 8140 480

panasonic bread bakery 562 390

panasonic bread maker recipes 50000 390

panasonic sd255 bread maker 319000 390

panasonic bread machine recipes 93100 320

panasonic sd253 breadmaker with nut dispenser 2900 320

panasonic breadmaker sd253 20300 260

panasonic automatic bread maker 3510 260

panasonic bread machine parts 33000 210

panasonic yd250 1880 170

panasonic bread maker manual 30800 170

panasonic sd253 bread maker 21300 140

panasonic bread maker parts 27800 140

panasonic bread recipes 109000 140

panasonic breadmaker sd yd250 250 110

panasonic bread maker instructions 27100 110

panasonic bread maker recipe 154000 110

panasonic bread maker sd253 580 110

panasonic sd254 bread maker 11700 110

panasonic bread machine manual 13400 110

panasonic sd yd250 breadmaker 2550 91

panasonic bread making machine 59600 91

Have at it...and make some Christmas cash!

Merry Christmas,
Jack Duncan

P.S. I'd love to hear how much you make on this has all the earmarks of a winner.
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    Here's proof the organic competition is VERY LOW:

    This Warrior Forum Thread now ranks #6 for the term: Panasonic SD-Y250 Bread Machine

    See here: Google Search

    Jack Duncan
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    • Profile picture of the author Dredger
      That was super nice of you Jack. I'm also in an Amazon dumped state, but I hope someone jumps on this one. I sure wish there was an Amazon alternative out there. I use CJ, Linkshare and Pepperjam, but conversions are low. I guess Amazon will continue to be the leader of the pack until something better comes along. Anybody got any other prospects like Amazon?
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      • Profile picture of the author Jack Duncan

        One possible thing to consider..and I may end up doing this after the first of the year:

        You can always setup a business in a separate state that Amazon still works's definately an alternative to look into if you had a lot of traffic and income before Amazon dumped your state...

        Jack Duncan
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        • Profile picture of the author Lateef Olajide
          Jack, I think that's exactly what most people in the affected state should be doing.

          Anyway the idea is a nice one. I've been experimenting a lot lately with amazon products.
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          Originally Posted by Jack Duncan View Post


          One possible thing to consider..and I may end up doing this after the first of the year:

          You can always setup a business in a separate state that Amazon still works's definately an alternative to look into if you had a lot of traffic and income before Amazon dumped your state...

          Jack Duncan

          How do you find out what states Amazon no longer works with?
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          • Profile picture of the author Jack Duncan
            You may be able to wade through there TOS and find the info...

            However, I believe that it affects Hawaii, North Carolina, Rhode Island...and I believe they finally found a workable solution for affiliates in New York...

            Hope this helps,
            Jack Duncan
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        Hi Jack,

        Oi! I have a bread machine focused amazon affiliate site. Sssshhhh.

        Roger Davis

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    Wow! This is why you're my favorite warrior, Jack!!! I've bought many of your products and still use them to this day. Your threads are also always very helpful. Thanks!
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    What a generous post! Glad to see that you're considering setting up a business in an Amazon-friendly state. Traditional brick and mortar corporations have been setting up shop in various locations for years, for a number of reasons. Good luck and happy holidays,
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  • Profile picture of the author Nightowl
    Checking the Amazon TOS as of December 1st, I see that only North Carolina and Rhode Island are "banned" for affiliates. So folks living in Hawaii should try applying again, if they're still interested in selling Amazon stuff.

    - Nightowl
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  • Profile picture of the author Frodr
    Jack your amazing.. its like every post u make is pure gold.

    Anyways.. I wanted to ask you, how did you come across this item, where you just browsing amazon looking for hot items?

    Also, I wanted to be added to your list. I love your stuff.

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  • Profile picture of the author Nealva61
    Hi Jack. Thanks for the information.

    How did you arrive at the search numbers for the second keyword: "panasonic sd yd250 automatic bread maker"? I can't get that number using the GKT.

    I can see where you obtained the competition number.

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  • Profile picture of the author Benjamin Ehinger
    Great to know that you can make money from this and now that it is on the forum all the newbies that are gullible will fall right into promoting this and it will be super competitive. The same thing happened in another forum with a different niche when the info was shared.

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    • Profile picture of the author Jack Duncan
      Actually...I'd be quite surprised if any of these keywords became "super competitive" before Christmas...

      Usually, only a small handful of people actually take action...and there are currently almost as many keywords on this list as people who have viewed the thread...

      If you have some extra time to get some free traffic from these keywords...then go for it...I'm sure there will be plenty of "wiggle room" before Christmas.

      Jack Duncan
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      • Profile picture of the author clint48
        Thanks Jack, I wish I could take advantage of it, Amazon dropped affiliates in my my state also. You are not from N.C. are you?

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    Awesome post! Now I bet you can sell quite a few of them but isn't the commission rate like 4%? Since you won't be able to sell enough to get a higher rate by Christmas i don't know that $5 per break maker is all that hot. But hey, I don't really know!
    The intention is definitely not to bring down the spirit of this thread I'm just curious as to what you think : )
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  • Profile picture of the author Kappa
    Cool, I may give a crack at it!

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  • Profile picture of the author rapsolo
    Jack, that was great. Will want to know how you came about finding that hot niche.
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  • Profile picture of the author rapsolo
    Jack, that was great. Will love to know how you came about discovering that hot niche?
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    I want to make some more bread $$$$ online !!! Think I will stick with marketing Internet Education thought. I am not a "niche chaser" too lazy for that kind of effort.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
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    • Profile picture of the author Hesaidblissfully
      Great share, Jack! I've never promoted Amazon products (and won't have time to try this due to other projects I'm working on), but it's still a great contribution to the forum. Not everyone would be willing to hand out a niche and keywords for free.
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  • Profile picture of the author whawk57
    hahaha Its already started to saturate already because of this thread.. You could almost watch it. Warrior Forum is ranked at #626 to this date. So like this could almost be attacked, lol.
    Thanks for the nice shot, Jack!
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    • Profile picture of the author Jack Duncan
      There is a still a ton of room to go on this...I just checked two of the top keywords and both of them have #3 spots that are RIPE for the taking...

      Doing a search in Google for all articles posted to EZA in the last 24 doesn't look like any articles that have either been approved or indexed are related to this topic...

      So it's still very fresh.

      Have at it!

      Jack Duncan
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    Capital! Only if I had to time to do it....
    Kudos for giving so much back to the community, Jack.
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  • Profile picture of the author Big JP
    Everyone BACK OFF! This is MINE.... Joking!

    Nice one for sharing Jack, shame about the amazon affiliate dump, but at least now you can focus on bigger things with no excuse!

    Merry Christmas to you too

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  • Profile picture of the author Derek Allen
    I'm on it!! Thanks!!
    My Blog + Cool Stuff>> Self Made CEO
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  • Profile picture of the author sbucciarel
    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. Going to try my hand with some hot Amazon products and this will be the first. I was wondering why you think the exact the product name for the Amazon UK model has so many more searches than the sdyd250 model? I could only get Amazon code for the sd255 by joining Amazon UK. Already had an Amazon US account. No problem ... it's done .... just curious.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jack Duncan
      Good question...It may be that the model is being promoted more in the UK...

      Not sure...

      Jack Duncan
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      • Profile picture of the author lee stewart
        Thanks jack

        a great amazon christmas present....i am a amazon affiliate so this stuff is gold

        thanks again
        gary lee

        If opportunity does not come knocking, Build yourself a Door...

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  • Profile picture of the author badcow
    Wow - thanks a lot Jack! I'm a newbie at this and was wondering about this niche a few weeks ago. Then in the last two days two three different forums I'm reading on Warriorforums mentions this niche. The universe is telling me something! Thanks again!
    This is my signature line ____ ain't it pretty?
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  • Profile picture of the author gabesroi3
    Hey, this is awsome info. I just got my amazon links and tomorrow I'll put up a site. This will be my first. I'm a newbie. Hopefully I'll make a few bucks.
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  • Profile picture of the author tmdassc
    How ironically funny. Just last week my wife dragged me into the local GoodWill thrift store because she saw a 32" TV there for $39.99 that she wanted to get for the kids' room for their game console.

    On the way down the aisle to go look at the TV, gues what I saw and passed by? None other than this bread maker machine... which I really didn't pay that much attention to. Now Jack comes along and shows me how to make money off the darn thing.

    Goes to show you what thinking out side the box can do when you see the same thing everyone else see, but you look at it differently.

    Thanks much Jack. I guess I need to check and see if Amazon has dumped Texas affiliates also. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't on the boot list. Does anyone know offhand?
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  • Profile picture of the author Jon Tees
    I am new to Amazon so forgive my naivety. But would I still profit from third party sales made through my affiliate link? Lets say I get a prospect to my affiliate sales page on Amazon, but they check out the buying options and end up buying the product from a merchant other than Amazon.
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  • Profile picture of the author sbucciarel
    If anyone is interested in a gorgeous Wordpress blog already set up to promote this, pm me. I'm going to list it on NicheBloggingTreasures and a WSO today.
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